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Welcome back Year 1

Sunday 19th February | No comments yet

We have another busy and exciting half term planned in Year 1. We will be learning lots about our amazing bodies and exploring our five senses. Look at our new role play areas…

In our literacy lessons we will begin by labelling the human body and finding out and writing lots of interesting body facts. Then we will learn about the senses and write our own mini information book. Finally we will become chicken experts and write our own non-fiction book. We will also continue with our daily phonic lessons, guided reading and practising our joined up cursive writing.

In our science lessons we will be doing lots of practical investigations based on the body, senses and chickens! We will be visiting the farm so please make sure that your child has a pair of named wellington boots in school.


We will be having a week of measuring in maths and the children will be using centimetres and metres to measure different objects. Then we move onto multiplication, division and fractions. The children have been taught a variety of methods to help them solve problems. Many of them are shown on this new Maths display.


In our PE lessons we are continuing our unit based on dance. During our Friday afternoon rotation the children will be doing RE, food skills, music and visiting the chickens on the farm.

We hope your child’s amazing art is on display in your homes. Thank you for all your kind donations – we raised over £100.

Phew! Another action packed half term.

We are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

The Year 1 Team




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