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Amazing bodies and measuring fun!

Friday 24th February | 1 comment

We began our new topic with a ‘Busy Body Day’ and the children had fun investigating and learning interesting facts about their bodies. We assessed their prior knowledge and drew things that they thought was inside their body. We then moved onto looking at body books and correctly put the body parts in the right places. The children were very interested in finding out body facts. Did you know your eyes see upside down  and that tooth enamel is the hardest part of your body? Then they labelled a body and wrote sentences about some of the facts that they had learnt. They have also enjoyed looking carefully at our skeleton models and have created their own using chalk, art straws and white paint.

The children have been busy exploring the new role play areas and investigating our super sense display.

In Maths we practised our measuring skills and used lots of vocabulary e.g. longest, shorter, taller than. Then we moved onto using rulers to measure accurately. The children had to write their own measurements and then sort the objects into more than 10cm, less than 10cm or equal to 10cm.


We also had lots of fun at our ‘Mini Measuring Olympics’. The children took part in the long jump, straw javelin and measuring different body parts. The highlight of this event was the curly wurly challenge! The children worked as a team to stretch the chocolate bar – the longest was 41cm!

In phonics we have revised ure, air, ear and are. Many children still find these quite tricky to read so please keep practising at home.

We continued our work on algorithms in our computing lesson. The children worked as a hive to make a robot and a maze for it to follow.

1GJ enjoyed their visit to Farsley Library this morning. Thank you to all the parents who accompanied us on this trip.

Have a super weekend.

The Year 1 Team



One response to “Amazing bodies and measuring fun!”

  1. Erin's mum says:

    Hope Miss Sedman gets well soon. Erin has enjoyed having Mr Durkin teaching. She thinks he tells good stories. The mini olmpics looks great for measuring too. Lots of fun for you all. Who got to eat the curly wurlys???

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