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Animals and more animals…

Friday 12th May | 8 comments

On Wednesday, Mags from ‘Animals in Tuition‘ brought some amazing animals to school. The children saw a tarantula, a royal python, cockroaches, stick insects, a frog and some rats. The children enjoyed touching the animals and some children got very up close and personal. They were very brave! Year 1 were super scientists asking lots of questions and observing the animals closely. We learnt lots of animal facts. Can your child tell you about omnivores, herbivores and carnivores? Do they remember the different types of animals such as mammal, reptile or arachnid? Mrs Booth also brought George the tortoise for a visit! Enjoy these super photos…

1S with the animals

1GJ with the animals

In literacy this week we have had fun thinking of our own animals to cross the billy goats’ bridge. They thought of some great characters including ‘The Three Cheeky Monkeys’ and ‘The Three Silly Spiders’.  The children then wrote and illustrated their own story. They tried hard and most children are now using the correct punctuation, conjunctions and adjectives.

In our grammar lesson the children were taught about prefixes and the children made prefix calculations e.g un + happy = unhappy and some then wrote sentences with prefixes in. Click here for some fun spelling games. The children continue to work hard with their phonics and they have accessed a variety of activities to help them to revise the different sounds. Thank you for all your support at home – most children are now reading and writing the digraphs with more confidence.

In maths we have been recalling our number bonds to 10 and 20 and worked with the related subtraction facts. We challenged ourselves with word problems and used the link between addition and subtraction to make number bond families. Click here for a fun game that the children really enjoyed playing in class.

We have continued to learn about types of animals in science. The children thought about the animals that Mags brought and had to decide if they were a mammal, amphibian, fish, bird or reptile. We played an interesting ‘What am I?’ game which the children really enjoyed. Can they play it at home?

We are desperate for junk so if you have any cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, yogurt cups etc please bring them into Year 1. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year One Team

8 responses to “Animals and more animals…”

  1. peterharris says:

    Another exciting and impressive week. I saw some fabulous writing when I visited earlier this week. Well done!

  2. Zayn Hewitt's mum says:

    Wow amazing pictures! Zayn was very excited when he arrived home, and explained how he held a snake!

  3. Amanda O'Donnell (Daniel's mum) says:

    Wow, those pictures are fabulous and you have all been really brave handling the animals, even the teachers! Daniel was very impressed that the rats were called Batman and Robin!

  4. Amber Hendy says:

    Matilda was absolutely thrilled to hold a snake and talked about the visit all the way home. A rare insight to what she gets up to at school, thanks!

  5. Zoe (Jack Shann's mummy) says:

    Jack has had an amazing week he loved holding the snake and today taking in his baptism certificate for everyone to see for the celebrations section for RE. He told me he enjoy showing it to Mrs Galbraith. Glad all the children were so brave with the animals and wow such an amazing opportunity.

  6. Claire (Florence's mam) says:

    What a fantastic time you all have at school! You guys are very lucky and brave! I hope the animal lady managed to round up her friends at home time???

  7. Lisa Shann says:

    Jack was very excited about the snakes and said Miss Sedman was very brave to have a spider on her head! We are also going to look at some old photos of when I held a python when I was little.

  8. Milo's mum says:

    Great photos. What a great experience! Milo was delighted to get to hold a real snake!

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