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RNLI, skipping, RSPB, money, Grace Darling and all in one week!

Friday 7th July | 3 comments

Wow! We have had such a busy week in Year One as we have had quite a few visitors.

The first visitor was Martin, a very friendly life saver. Martin is a volunteer for the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) – the charity that saves lives at sea. He gave us a very interesting talk on water safety and the role the RNLI has at our beaches. Did you know that all of the life vests, lifeboats, specialist equipment etc is funded solely through donations? Thank you for your kind donation of £38 for this truly life saving and essential charity.

On Thursday we had amazing fun during a skipping workshop. The children learned new skills, got sweaty from fun exercise and cheered their friends on. They really enjoyed it and realised that skipping is a very fun way to stay healthy.  Could your child continue to practice these new skills at home?

1GJ skipping

1S skipping

Finally, on Friday we had a visit from a RSPB specialist. She told us lots about the wildlife we might find in our area. We then went on a mini beast hunt and the children had fun spotting some different and interesting creatures within our school grounds. Our school bees were particularly busy!

In maths we continued looking at money and we added different totals together to pay for different items. We also looked at money problems and totalling different items and then giving change.

It would be great if your child could practice using money in real life situations. Click here for some money games.

In Literacy and History we have been learning about a real life saver – Grace Darling. To find out more about this brave hero click here. The children learnt about her life through a suitcase of mystery items, we then plotted her story on a story mountain and then wrote about her famous storm adventure. The children enjoyed learning about her and were very proud of her bravery.

Phew…we will all sleep well tonight!

Remember it is Sports day next Wednesday and a letter has gone home tonight with more information regarding this event.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year One Team

3 responses to “RNLI, skipping, RSPB, money, Grace Darling and all in one week!”

  1. peterharris says:

    What an amazing week! I thought that the Grace Darling sessions looked fantastic at the beginning of the week – what a lovely set of props and amazing story – but this got relegated towards the bottom of the blog because you had such a busy week. Enjoy your rest this weekend (staff and children).

  2. Zoe (Jack Shann's mummy) says:

    Jack say….skipping was really really fun, I enjoyed looking for mini beasts and I really liked writing about Grace Darling. Jack has been telling me about about and he has “she saved 9 people in a terrible storm” Jack says “thank you for letting us have a super week”

  3. Ellen(Erin's mum) says:

    Erin has come home every night with lots to tell us. We were both practicing skipping in the garden on Thursday night. She absolutely loved it. Thank you

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