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A sports day, a pirate and some measuring…

Friday 14th July | 3 comments

A highlight of the week was certainly Sports Day. Please click here for a separate blog about our wonderful day.

In maths we have been busy learning about mass and capacity. The children have been introduced to standard measures. We weighed objects using the balance scales and grams and we have been using millilitres to measure out different capacities. We thought very carefully about what a litre or 1000 millilitres actually looks and feels like and compared different containers and their capacity. We also thought carefully about what 1kg or 1000 grams actually looks and feels like. We discussed and answered these questions which were very thought provoking.

Does the tallest container hold the most water?

Is the biggest object always the heaviest object?

In literacy we had a visit from a pirate who helped us with our literacy work! The children have been busy using lots of adjectives, nouns and verbs to describe pirates. They used some brilliant language.

In geography the children were taught how to use a compass in preparation for the map reading and treasure hunt in the woods. They all enjoyed this practical lesson.

On Wednesday 19th July we are all going to Blackhills Woods. Your child needs to come to school in their uniform jumper/cardigan and either trousers, jogging pants or leggings and sensible footwear. They need a packed lunch in a bag they can carry e.g. rucksack. We will be outside all day so please make sure they have a raincoat or sun hat depending on the weather forecast! Please put sun cream on your child before they come to school.

On Monday 24th July we are having a pirate day. Your child needs to come to school dressed as a pirate. Please don’t buy outfits – a pair of jeans and a stripy top is fine.

Don’t forget we have a spelling test next week too.

We are looking forward to a fun last week and a half!

The Year 1 Team

3 responses to “A sports day, a pirate and some measuring…”

  1. Zoe (Jack Shann's mummy) says:

    Jack has had a brilliant week his highlight being both sports day abd transition day where he said he met his new “lovely” teacher who read a funny poem to them. Another excellent well organised week

  2. Danielle (Ayla's Mum) says:

    Could I ask what the spelling test is?

    • y1team says:

      We will be informally checking if the children can read and write the Year 1 words. A table of the words were sent home in their red spelling books a few weeks.

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