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Delicious soup and lots of number work in Year 1!

Friday 29th September | 1 comment

We began the week by making our yummy vegetable soup. We visited the the school farm, in the rain, and harvested beetroot, tomatoes, potatoes, runner beans, leeks and some very big carrots!

We then washed all the vegetables and peeled, grated and chopped them up. We learnt new skills and also how to handle various tools safely. Next we put all the ingredients in a pan and added the vegetable stock and finally, when it was all cooked, we blended it. The children have worked very hard and we have all thoroughly enjoyed our farm to spoon day. We hope you all enjoyed tasting it!

In our literacy lessons we wrote instructions for making soup. The children learnt about bossy verbs, such as wash, chop, cut, peel, and tried hard to include them in their writing. In phonics we have revised oa, oo and ar.  In our key skills lesson we have formed e, f and s cursively and practised reading and writing the words be, we, he, by and so.

In maths we have finished our unit of work focusing on place value. This week the children learnt about one more and one less. They used number lines and other equipment to find their answers. Some children were extended and answered worded problems, which really stretched their brains! Can you answer them?

Problem 1: Dan says “I am one year older than my sister Fran. Fran is one year older than my brother Sam. Sam is 7. How old am I?”

Problem 2: Gertrude and Gilbert are playing a dice game. Gilbert rolls one more than Gertrude. What could the dots on the dice be?

In our computing lesson we practised logging onto a laptop and had time to explore Bug Club and Purple Mash. We also talked about internet safety and keeping ourselves safe when working online.

Thank you for all your support with their learning logs. There was some great presentation and the children were proud of their work!

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 1 Team

One response to “Delicious soup and lots of number work in Year 1!”

  1. Helen Massanet-Nicolau says:

    It was lovely to be at the soup tasting this week, Emilia said she really enjoyed her trip to the farm, and helping to chop the tomatoes.
    She was also thrilled to get to dress up as Olivia the superhero, whilst learning about bossy verbs!

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