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Another exciting week in Year 1!

Friday 10th November | 3 comments

Phew! What a busy week – a trip, a visit from an author, parents evenings and plenty of great learning too.

We began our history topic by learning about Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. The children learnt lots of facts about them both and enjoyed looking at the Victorian artefacts. We then continued this work during our trip to Abbey House where the children had a great time. They all took part in a ‘Comparing Queens’ workshop where they learnt lots of interesting things and also had fun exploring the museum. Thank you very much to all the parents who supported us on our trips.

1B at the museum…

1GJ at the museum…

In maths we have focussed on 3D shape. The children enjoyed some fun practical tasks including building towers and making their own shapes with straws and plasticine. In Year 1 the children need to be able to name and talk about pyramids, cuboids, spheres, cubes and cylinders. Can your child remember how many faces they have? How many vertices they have? Number bond family of the week is 9 + 1 = 10, 1 + 9 = 10, 10 – 9 = 1 and 10 – 1 = 9.

In literacy the children have all written a recount of their trip to Abbey House. Olivia Opener made another visit and reminded the children about using good time connectives such as first, next, after that and finally. In phonics we have learnt the phonemes oy, ir and ue and in handwriting we practised forming v, w , x and z.

In our PHSE lesson the children met Pantosaurus. He is a friendly dinosaur who talked to them about being safe. This is linked to the NSPCC project ‘Pants are Private’. The children all loved this song!

Well done to Alfie and Arthur who were the first children in Year 1 to achieve their 30:30 certificate for completing 10 days of being active for 30 minutes both at school and at home. Keep being active everyone and remember to bring your chart to school once you’ve filled 10 days.

Have a great weekend.

The Year 1 Team



3 responses to “Another exciting week in Year 1!”

  1. Mehnaz begum says:

    The trip to Abbey House was amzing. We all had lots of fun. Ayah learnt alot of new things about the Queen. At home Ayah has told us about the pantosaurus song and the safety. Great work 1GJ

  2. Sally lightfoot says:

    Fantastic trip to abbey house museum. The children were a credit to the school.

  3. Helen Massanet-Nicolau says:

    Emilia really enjoyed the visit from Phil Earle, and treasures her signed book

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