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Bridges, Poo and a Royal Celebration!

Friday 18th May | 9 comments

Most weeks in Year 1 we are very busy and get up to all sorts of wonderful adventures and this week has been no exception!

In science we have been continuing to find out more about animals. We focused on the diet of animals and how we can categorise animals based on this. We learnt some new vocabulary to help us do this –

Herbivore – An animal that feeds on plants.

Carnivore – An animal that feeds on meat.

Omnivore – An animal that feeds on both plants and meat. 

To help us find out what animals eat we had to do some rather messy investigating. We dissected animal poo to look for evidence of plants or meat (Don’t worry it was not real poo – although it was rather realistic!)

We found out about the diets of polar bears, lions, gorillas, hedgehogs, sheep and elephants. Can you child remember what they discovered about each animal?

All of our literacy work this week has been based on The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We have read the story, watched a film based on the story and written our own versions. Luckily in Year 1 we have some fantastic imaginations, so rather than using the goats and the troll we decided to create our own characters. Our stories featured very interesting characters from unicorns to aliens.

Following on from this we received a letter from the goats asking us to make them some new bridges! We had a fabulous time choosing materials, figuring out how best to fasten our bridges together and making sure they were strong enough to carry the three goats.

Take a look at us testing out the strength of our creations…

In maths we have continued our fractions work with a focus on halving and quartering a given number. We have done lots of different activities and games to practise these skills. Can your child remember which numbers we cannot split in half and why this is?

We had lots of fun in our PE lesson with Andy from Leeds Rhinos. We played octopus tig and learnt how to pass a rugby ball.

Finally, we ended the week by celebrating the royal wedding. We even had a visit from some special guests!!

In phonics we have revised au, aw, or, er, ir , ur , oi and oy. We are looking forward to seeing you all next Friday morning at the alien workshop. Hope you are all excited about playing a game of phonic bingo!

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 1 Team

9 responses to “Bridges, Poo and a Royal Celebration!”

  1. Dave Wilkinson says:

    We are all very excited about the royal wedding.

  2. Mairi Beaton says:

    Finnan looks like he is eating the poo in one of the pictures! Very realistic.. And how lucky are the kids getting the guy from Leeds Rhinos to come and work with them?! Great week.

  3. Amrit and Sophia says:

    Eeeeew that poo look so realistic! The children had another fantastic week!

  4. Sally lightfoot says:

    The boys had such a great week. They loved the royal wedding celebrations xx

  5. Arthur Lightoot says:

    Lovely week in 1GJ and 1B

  6. Arthur Lightoot says:

    Harry had a good week.

  7. Afsana Khan says:

    Brilliant week and Arwa had lots of fun.

  8. Maria Anwar says:

    Josef took delight in telling me he had been touching poo!

  9. Arthur Lightoot says:

    Harry had a good weekend

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