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Exciting new role play areas in Year 1!

Sunday 4th November | 3 comments

Look at our new role play areas. The children will be able to explore the spooky castles. There are lots of interesting objects in the jars for them to create their own potions. Eyeball and finger soup? Snake and centipede smoothies?

We will also be having fun learning about castles and Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II.

We have another busy half term planned. In maths we will continue with our work based on addition, subtraction and place value. We will also be doing lots of interesting practical work with shapes.

The story ‘The Queen’s Knickers’ will be used in our literacy lessons and we will have lots of pants fun!! We still need lots of small boxes for our royal vehicles – please keep saving them.

Our science lessons will be focussing on materials and their properties and we will be doing lots of exciting investigations.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.

The Year 1 Team

3 responses to “Exciting new role play areas in Year 1!”

  1. Ruth (Odin's mum) says:

    Odin visited Knaresborough castle and was allowed to lock up and open up the castle today! He is excited about learning about castles at school! The new areas look amazing!

  2. Annie Preston’s mum says:

    The new role play areas look very exciting and Annie thinks that The Queen’s Knickers story looks funny!

  3. Jemma Leckenby says:

    Sam has some special boxes to make vehicles with!

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