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The Queen’s Knickers, pantosaurus and 2D shape fun!

Friday 23rd November | 3 comments

We have had lots of practical fun in our maths lessons. We have been focusing on 2D shape. In Year 1 the children need to be confident recognising and describing circles, squares, rectangles and triangles. They need to know how many sides and corners each shape has. Some children were extended with some problem solving and reasoning tasks such as “What shapes can you make using 6 lollipop sticks?” and “What is the same/different about a square and a rectangle?” We also had fun creating 2D shape robots.

Number bond family of the week is  10 + 0  = 10, 0 + 10  = 10, 10 – 0  = 10

We have been reading the story ‘The Queen’s Knickers’ by Nicholas Allan. This is a fun story where the queen loses her pants!!

The children enjoyed creating their own pair of pants and using adjectives to describe them. They designed under the sea pants, space pants, dinosaur pants and jungle pants! Then they wrote sentences about their knickers.

In phonics we have learnt oy, ir, ue and oe.  In handwriting we have practised forming the capital letters A,B,C,D,E and F correctly.

In history we have been looking at Victorian artefacts and created our own class museums. They were all very interested in the finger stocks and the back straightener that was used by Victorian teachers.

In our PHSE lesson the children met Pantosaurus. He is a friendly dinosaur who talked to them about being safe. This is linked to the NSPCC project ‘Pants are Private’. The children all loved this song!

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 1 Team

3 responses to “The Queen’s Knickers, pantosaurus and 2D shape fun!”

  1. Annie Preston’s mum says:

    Annie thinks ‘The Queen’s Knickers’ is very funny and we have been singing the Pantosaurus song together!

  2. Simon - Sahara’s Dad says:

    Sahara spoke to me about ‘Pantosaurus’ and was able to explain the safety elements to me. She really enjoyed the song too!

  3. Nighat (Hassans Mum) says:

    Hassan also enjoyed listening to the ‘Pantasaurus’ song and was able to explain to me the safety element.

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