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3D shapes and more pant fun!

Friday 30th November | 2 comments

In maths we have focused on 3D shape. The children enjoyed some fun practical tasks including building towers. In Year 1 the children need to be able to name and talk about pyramids, cuboids, spheres, cubes and cylinders. Can your child remember how many faces they have? How many vertices they have?

We have continued reading ‘The Queen’s Knickers’ in our English lessons. This week we focused on the page where her bedroom is a mess! The children used some great adjectives to describe the room. In phonics we have learnt the phonemes wh, ph, ew and ey in handwriting we practised forming G, H, I, J, K and L.

The children were very excited to receive a letter from the queen! She needed their help as her clumsy servant kept dropping her pants in the sea!! The children used their knowledge of materials to help the queen make something that would keep her knickers dry. They had great fun testing their designs!

In history we learnt about how the Victorians celebrated Christmas in preparation for our visit to Thwaites Mill. We began by reading the book Queen Victoria’s Christmas by Jackie French. Then we looked at and sorted a variety of Christmas objects into two sets ‘introduced by the Victorians/not introduced by the Victorians.’ Can your child remember some of the things that the Victorians introduced?

The children have been busy rehearsing the Christmas show. They have brought home the song words to practise. The performances are on Tuesday 18th December at 2pm and Wednesday 19th December at 9.30am in the junior building hall.

Have a super weekend.

The Year 1 Team

2 responses to “3D shapes and more pant fun!”

  1. Annie Preston’s mum says:

    How exciting to receive a letter from the Queen!

    Annie has been teaching me all about the Victorians and it is very interesting.

  2. Nicola Lawson says:

    I really liked the school trip today. I hope it will be more fun next week. Love from Rosalind.

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