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Watch out there are dinosaurs about!

Friday 18th January | 5 comments

We have had a very exciting week – something had been in our classrooms and made a bit of a mess! We looked for clues and found giant footprints and a letter from a Tyrannosaurus Rex!! There were also lots of very interesting T Rex facts hidden around our rooms. Did you know they were as tall as a bus and its arms didn’t reach its mouth? We used chalk and a metre stick to draw lines on the playground so that we could see just how big a T Rex was!

This inspired us to write our own T Rex fact book that we are going to share with our Year 6 buddies next week. Miss Bray has set up a camera to try and film the dinosaur if it comes back to school  – watch this space…

In phonics we have focused on o-e, u-e and c says s. Please keep practising the real and nonsense words that are in your child’s reading record each week. In our guided reading lesson we worked on our comprehension skills. We retrieved information about dinosaurs and answered different style questions.

In maths we have been seeing how much we remember about the ‘teen’ numbers. Lots of people remembered how to split numbers into tens and ones, the names of these numbers and how to write them correctly and in order. Can your child practise this by playing Helicopter Rescue at home? We have also completed some end of unit assessments. These books required us to use lots of different maths skills and the children really enjoyed showing off how much they know!

We have begun our art topic and we have been ‘Art Gallery Managers’. We have learnt about different types of art including installation art, sculpture and collage. The children had to sort lots of different art into groups and decide upon their likes and dislikes.

1B visited Cartwright Hall and all enjoyed an ‘Art of Noticing’ workshop which was led by an art expert. The children were very well behaved and the art experts were very impressed with their skills! We had a fantastic time exploring and creating our own art work. Thank you to all the parents who supported us on this trip – we hope you enjoyed it too.

1G enjoyed their dance lesson with Mrs Campbell. This week we had fun doing some Russian style dancing!

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 1 Team

5 responses to “Watch out there are dinosaurs about!”

  1. Anna says:

    The T -Rex certainly caused some excitement! What fab and fun way to start the morning. Matilda told us all about the dinosaur’s antics over tea with great joy and enthusiasm!

  2. Nicola Rosalind’s Mum says:

    I love the look on the adults faces on the photo with the inflatable t-Rex! Hilarious! What a fun topic.

  3. Rumi says:

    Great work year 1!

  4. Nighat (Hassan Mum) says:

    Hassan really enjoyed telling us facts about the T Rex especially how you spell it! Hassan also enjoyed the Russian dancing.

  5. Annie Preston’s mum says:

    What an exciting week! Annie’s favourite bit was finding out about the dinosaur who ‘crushed’ the classroom!

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