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Dinosaurs, dropping eggs and lots of art!

Friday 25th January | 3 comments

We have done lots of practical addition this week. The children all enjoyed Mrs Lace teaching them for one of our lessons and had fun exploring tens frames.

In computing we were looking at different ways to create, store and retrieve information. We used Purple Mash to show which piece of art was the most popular in our class. The children are becoming very confident using the laptops!

The children were amazed to see a video of a Tyrannosaurus Rex in our playground!!! Now we know who messed up our classrooms. Watch the video if you dare!

We have all finished our T Rex information books and they are full of great facts. We are going to share them with our Year 6 buddies next week. In phonics we have focused on g says j, ea says e and silent k,w,g.

In our science lesson we got a letter from another dinosaur who needed our help. Tina Troodon has long legs and her eggs keep cracking when she lays them! We needed to investigate which material would make the best nest for her and protect her eggs. We spent time planning the investigation and making sure it was a fair test. The children especially enjoyed the egg dropping! We concluded that jelly, sand, cotton wool and bubble wrap would make the best nest.

In our art lessons we have been looking at the work of the artist Pacita Abad. Her beautiful pieces of art have inspired us all and the children are busy creating and painting their own canvases. They are also enjoying making delicate origami butterflies.

1G enjoyed their visit to Cartwright Hall and learnt a lot from the art experts. They looked at a variety of different art forms including sculptures, installations and paintings. They were inspired by an industrial scene by L.S Lowery, a swimming pool by David Hockney to name a couple. The children were stunningly behaved and the art experts were very impressed with their skills! They had a fantastic time exploring and creating their own art work. Thank you to all the parents who supported us on this trip – we hope you enjoyed it too.

We have been reading the story Elmer in our PHSE lesson. We talked about what makes us unique. The children thought about why they were special. “I am good at scoring goals” “I have a special family and I love them” “I am a ballerina” “I am special because I can jump very high”

We all had fun dancing in a carnival style to Brazilian music this week with Mrs Campbell. The children are all becoming more confident dancers and they look forward to this lesson each week.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 1 Team

3 responses to “Dinosaurs, dropping eggs and lots of art!”

  1. Jemma Leckenby says:

    Wow! Just wow. What a fantastic week. I have watched the video between my fingers as it was very scary!!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Jessica’s had such a wonderful first week at school, big thank you to all the children and staff for making her feel so welcome.

  3. Annie Preston’s mum says:

    Annie really enjoyed scaring us by making us watch the T-Rex video and told us all about the art gallery! What a great week!

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