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Welcome to Year 1

Monday 2nd September | 10 comments

We hope that you have all had a great holiday and are ready for an exciting year. We have been busy getting the classrooms ready and planning lots of fun lessons and visits.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday morning. You will need to look for your peg label in the corridor, put your book bag in your colour hive box and find your drawer to put your fruit in. Then you can sit on the carpet and look at a book.

Have a look at some of our areas. Where would you like to play?

1G areas…

1P areas…

See you all soon!

The Year 1 Team

10 responses to “Welcome to Year 1”

  1. Claire Brennan says:

    Max thinks that all the areas look like fun, but he is looking forward to playing with all the dinosaurs!

  2. Sheila singh( vanshika mum) says:

    Vanshika loves her new classroom photos and is excited to play in the the home corner on Wednesday.

  3. The Sullivans (Aylas mum) says:

    Aylas excited about school and she knows her new teacher is super nice….. but she wants mum to come too. Ayla would like to play Offices where I would quite like to play in the quiet book area!

  4. Alice brown says:

    Alice is excited to play in the home area as “she loves being at home” she also states she is excited to come back to school

  5. Katrina Heseltine says:

    Lydia says “I’m excited to play in the kitchen area because it looks fun. I have missed my friends and can’t wait to play”

  6. Sonia (kaiyan's mum) says:

    Kaiyan is super excited to see all his friends and new teachers. He is really impressed with all the areas especially the dinasaurs!

  7. Nat Stanton says:

    Micah thinks all of the play areas look really nice and he’s excited to come and play with his friends. He hopes he can play dinosaurs also

  8. Ruth Fain says:

    Isobel is looking forward to playing in the home corner with her friends.

  9. Rachel Howard says:

    Laila is counting down the days till year one starts and is looking forward to playing in the new classroom.

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