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Delicious soup in Year 1!

Friday 4th October | 7 comments

We have had lots of fun making our yummy vegetable soup. We visited the school farm and harvested tomatoes, runner beans, onions and some very long leeks! We also enjoyed an apple from our school orchard.

We washed all the vegetables and peeled, grated and chopped them up. We learnt new skills and also how to handle various tools safely. Next we put all the ingredients in a pan and added the vegetable stock and finally, when it was all cooked, we blended it. The children worked very hard and we all thoroughly enjoyed our farm to spoon day. We hope you all enjoyed tasting it!


We have been comparing numbers by using the symbols more than > and less than <. and equal to =. We have been working in pairs to solve a range of more than and less than problems.

We have used numicon and 10 frames to create a range of representations to show more and less than. Can your child show you by drawing the symbols to compare two numbers?


We have written sentences about our soup day. The children all did some ‘souper’ writing! In phonics we have revised ee, igh and oo and practised reading and writing the tricky words so, by, the and are. In our key skills lesson we have looked at the long ladder family and formed l, i and t cursively.

Thank you for all your support with learning logs and spelling homework. There was some great presentation and the children were very proud of their work!

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 1 Team

7 responses to “Delicious soup in Year 1!”

  1. Victoria Hudson says:

    The soup was fantastic, well done everyone!

  2. Sheila singh( vanshika mum) says:

    Vanshika enjoyed making her soup and it was delicious. She told me about all the ingredients she Put in from the school farm. Thank you

  3. Mark Allen says:

    Theo remembered all about the maths signs and told us what the number sentences said in each photo. He was also proud to show us his mega tomato!

  4. Amy Dennis says:

    I am glad I got to try the yummy soup when I got home from work later that afternoon. It looks like a fun afternoon – well done to all the soup makers!

  5. Natalie (Micah’s Mum) says:

    Micah really enjoyed doing the soup and we enjoyed coming in to taste!
    Well done to all.

  6. Emma says:

    Sofia couldn’t wait to tell me all about what she did to make the soup with her friends. The soup was yummy!

  7. Ruth says:

    We really enjoyed soup day – and Theo. Isobel and Cate all told me extensive (different) details about the roles they had. Thanks all

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