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A disco in the kitchen!

Friday 11th October | 2 comments


The children were amazed to find some crazy fruit having a disco in our classrooms!! We have all enjoyed reading the fun story ‘Kitchen Disco’. The children had to think of adjectives to describe a piece of dancing fruit! They thought of some great words such as juicy, smooth, groovy and wiggly. Then they all tried hard to write some sentences about the fruit. We even had time to have a dance too!

We have also enjoyed singing a kitchen disco song too! You can sing along here:

In phonics we have revised ar, or, ow and ur.  In handwriting we have practised forming u, y and j correctly.


We have been practising our number bonds. We played lots of games to help us remember these facts including fishing for 10’s, finding numbered keys to open number bond locks and matching paper clip pairs.

We used a ten frame to help us as well as the part/whole model to show what we know.

We also had fun weighing fruit! The disco fruit were arguing about who was the heaviest? How many tangerines weighed the same as the coconut? Was the pear lighter than the apple? We solved their problems by doing lots of weighing.

We watched and sang along with the Supermovers to help practise our number bonds. Click above to try it yourself!


We have been ‘Tree Detectives’ and had fun exploring the school grounds hunting for leaves, talking about the parts of a tree and naming some of the trees. Our school grounds are amazing – we found willow, a monkey puzzle, a silver birch, a wild cherry, apple trees, alders, mountain ash, an oak tree, holly and many more! Maybe your child could show you them before school one day?

If you go down in the woods this weekend please can you look for seeds and leaves from trees. If you find anything please bring them into school for our science lessons and to display on our nature tables. Can you name the seeds and the trees that they came from? REMEMBER: Some seeds are poisonous. Never put them in your mouth and wash your hands after touching them. Have fun being autumn adventurers and super scientists!

Have a super weekend.

The Year 1 Team

2 responses to “A disco in the kitchen!”

  1. Sheila singh( vanshika mum) says:

    Vanshika enjoyed the pineapple moves the best. She enjoyed the story and doing dancing moves.

  2. Emma says:

    Sofia really enjoyed reading Kitchen Disco this week and the dancing.

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