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More funky fruit and vegetables in Year 1!

Friday 18th October | 6 comments


We have been practising lots of number bonds up to 10 this week. We have used the part-whole model to help us find different ways of making numbers – How many ways can you make 8? Can you use 2 numbers to make 9? We have also been working with our partners to solve number story problems too! We have enjoyed listening to a number bonds of 8 song this week. You can sing along at home too:


We have continued with our work based on the story ‘Kitchen Disco’. We have had lots of fun creating our own fruit and vegetable characters and thinking of adventures they get up to when we are all asleep. We had apples jumping on the bed, a pineapple climbing up the curtains and even strawberries dancing the rumba!

In phonics we have revised oi, er, ure and ear. In handwriting we have looked at the one-armed robot family and have practised forming r, n and m cursively. We have also been reading and writing the tricky words was, his, has, you, one, ask, our and says. Over the next two weeks we will hear all the children read individually and we will update their Bug Club books. Many children have moved up to the next book band level – well done!

Religious Education

This half term we have been learning about special books and why stories are important. All the children were asked to bring a special book from home to share with their friends. They all enjoyed this part of the lesson and had lots to say about their chosen books…”My mummy reads it to me at bedtime” “I have had this book since I was a baby and I have looked after it” “My book belonged to my daddy and he has given it to me”.

We then discussed different religions and looked at some of their special books including the Bible, the Qur’an, the Torah Scrolls, the Guru Granth Sahib, the Holy Vedas and the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures. Many of the children were able to talk about their own personal experiences of looking at these special books at home with their families.

Harvest Festival

We all enjoyed our celebration this morning. We were very proud of our ‘soup movie’. Thank you for all your kind donations.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at parents’ evening next week.

Have a great weekend.

The Year 1 Team

6 responses to “More funky fruit and vegetables in Year 1!”

  1. Sheila singh( vanshika mum) says:

    Great harvest festival and nice to see all the children take part. Vanshika’s best bit was the big daddy tomato, he was so funny. She has been telling all about the number bond song she has been learning in class and singing along to it.

  2. Sarah (Caitlin's mum) says:

    Caitlin has been practising the dig dig dig song at home.

  3. Ruth Fain says:

    Isobel really liked looking at the pictures and watching the song. thanks

  4. Marion says:

    Theo has told us about the Qur’an and the way the book opens. He also loved the jokes at Harvest festival and has made up a few of his own!

  5. Emma says:

    Sofia enjoyed taking part in the Harvest festival. I really liked Big Daddy’s appearance. Very funny!

  6. Carolyn (Leah’s mum) says:

    Leah enjoyed showing us big daddy tomato. She has also been teaching us the songs.

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