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Exploring castles in Year 1!

Friday 8th November | 5 comments


We have been busy exploring different methods that can be used to solve additions. We have used the following methods this week:

part-whole models

4 + 3 = 7

10 frames

Can your child complete an addition equation using one of this weeks methods? We have also solved a range of number problems and used a range of methods to show how we got our answer.

We have also had fun seeing how many ways we can make 7.


The children have enjoyed starting our topic all about castles. They have explored the castle role play area and drawn their own medieval castles. The children have enjoyed learning the names of the different parts of a castle and are looking forward to our Skipton Castle trip next week too!


The children have been using adjectives to describe various castles and their parts. They also had fun building their own castles and writing about them.

In phonics we have been busy assessing the children to see how many of the phonemes we’ve learnt so far they know and if they can read them in simple and more complex words. In handwriting we have practised forming b, h, k and p. These belong to the one-armed robot family.

The children have had lots of fun in our new role play areas…

We are looking forward to visiting Skipton Castle next week. The children need to wear their school uniform and sensible footwear. They also need a packed lunch. It can get quite cold in the castle so please make sure they have a warm coat, gloves and a hat.

Next Friday is our Children in Need fundraising day organised by the school council. We are looking forward to seeing everyone dressed up as an adjective of their choice!

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 1 Team

5 responses to “Exploring castles in Year 1!”

  1. Claire Beetham says:

    Theo was very excited to tell us all he had learned about castles, he was especially detailed in describing the ‘long drop’!!

  2. Amy Dennis says:

    Phoebe has enjoyed learning about castle’s and has been drawing castles at home.

  3. Carolyn (Leah’s mum) says:

    Leah’s been enjoying getting us to do sums at home.

  4. The Sullivans (Aylas mum) says:

    Ayla has been very interested in the poppy ready for Remembrance Day. She has also enjoyed drawing her castle x

  5. Sarah (Caitlin's mum) says:

    Caitlin is very excited for the trip to Skipton Castle.
    She enjoys practising her number work at home too.

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