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The Queen’s knickers, addition and subtraction and pantosaurus fun!

Friday 22nd November | 1 comment


The children have been working hard with their partner to find different methods to subtract. We have practised subtracting on 10 frames and filling in the part-whole models to match subtraction equations too.

We have enjoyed solving real life subtraction problems with sandwiches and apples too!


The children in 1G enjoyed reading the story ‘The Queen’s Knickers’. They had fun creating their own pair of pants and using adjectives to describe them. They designed some great pants – we had under the sea pants, space pants, dinosaur pants and even jungle pants! Then they wrote sentences about their knickers.

1P have been busy writing recounts about their visit to Skipton Castle. They tried hard to use time connectives in their writing.

In phonics we have learnt oy, ph, ue and ea.  In handwriting we have practised forming v,w,x and z. These letters belong to the zig zag family. In our reading session we continued to learn about the ‘Reading Dogs’. This half term we are focusing on Predicting Pip. The children enjoy listening and discussing in detail part of a story and predicting what might happen next.


The children were very excited to receive a letter from the queen! She needed their help as her clumsy servant kept dropping her pants in the sea!!

The children used their knowledge of materials to help the queen make something that would keep her knickers dry. They had great fun making and testing their designs!

Testing the materials…

Making their ‘pant protectors’….

Testing their ‘pant protectors’. Were they waterproof?


We have have been looking at timelines. The children worked together to place some castles in England in order on the timeline. We found out about the last castle ever built in England, and we enjoyed finding out about the castle from Harry Potter too!


The children were very excited when they met Pantosaurus. He is a friendly dinosaur who talked to them about keeping safe. This is linked to the NSPCC project ‘Pants are Private’. The children all loved this song!

Have a super weekend.

The Year 1 Team

One response to “The Queen’s knickers, addition and subtraction and pantosaurus fun!”

  1. Debra Holmes says:

    Zach really enjoyed drawing the dinosaurs pants

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