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A ‘real’ artist in Year 1!

Friday 24th January | 10 comments


The highlight of the week was when a real artist came to work with us. What an amazing day we had! Kate Park taught us how to create our unique pieces of glass art work. First the children looked at artwork by the artist Pacita Abad and planned their designs. Then carefully, using tweezers, they placed the different types of glass onto their work. Can they remember what all the types looked like: stringers, frits and confetti? Kate has taken the finished pieces home to fire in her kiln. The finished pieces will be on display in our art gallery on the 13th February.

For more information, look at Kate’s website – www.twicefired.co.uk. A huge thank you to Kate – we all enjoyed the brilliant glass workshop.

1G enjoyed their visit to Cartwright Hall. They looked at a variety of different art forms including sculptures, installations and paintings. They were inspired by the work of the Bradford artist David Hockney. Naseem, the art expert, was very impressed with their skills! They had a fantastic time exploring and creating their own art work. Thank you to all the parents who supported us on this trip – we hope you enjoyed it too.


We have been using a range methods to subtract up to 20. We have worked with our partner to solve a range of problems. We have worked hard to draw and solve subtraction problems in our books too! We are still practising making number bonds to 20 and writing numbers in words to 20. See how many numbers in words your child can write at home.


The children were amazed to see a video of a Tyrannosaurus Rex in our playground!!! Now we know who messed up our classrooms. Watch the video if you dare!

We have all finished our T Rex information books and they are full of great facts. We are going to share them with our Year 5 buddies next week.

In phonics we have focused on silent letters, ure, ear and er, ir, ur.


1G have been learning about algorithms and coding this week. 1P will do this lesson next week. The children rotated around different tasks. The first activity was to order a set of instructions for making toast and then follow them. They all enjoyed the end product! The children also met the Beebots and had lots of fun sending them on adventures around the classroom! They also used a coding program on the laptops and a coding game on the iPads.

Remember next Friday is a training day!

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 1 team

10 responses to “A ‘real’ artist in Year 1!”

  1. Harj Chahal says:

    Rai had a great time at the trip…He loved the artwork!

  2. Marion Allen says:

    Theo loved showing me the exciting T Rex video and would like to know who was peeping out of 1G’s window…?!

  3. George’s mum says:

    What a fun and busy week!

  4. Deborah Miller says:

    Wow! The t-rex video! I’ve heard so much about it from alice, shes loving it.

  5. Mel says:

    What a fabulous week. Ralph loved the dinosaur visit

  6. Claire Brennan says:

    You are all so lucky to do all of these things in one week!
    I really enjoyed the trip to Cartwright Hall and was really impressed with how knowledgeable and well behaved the children were.

  7. Satveer (Riya’s mum) says:

    Riya had a fab week, particularly the glass art, can’t wait to see the creations!

  8. Rachel Howard says:

    Laila has told me all about the T Rex video! She also loved the glass art workshop and trip.

  9. Will Parsons says:

    What an action packed week!! 🙂

  10. Amy Dennis says:

    What a fun packed week! It has been lovely looking at all the photos.

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