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Fun falling into a painting!

Friday 7th February | 9 comments


We have been working hard to find addition and subtraction fact families. If 12+1=13 we also know that 1+12=13. The children have also realised from these facts we can make subtractions such as 13-1=12. We also worked with our learning partner to find the missing numbers of addition and subtraction facts too.


This week we have read the story ‘Katie’s Picture Show’. In this book Katie explores an art gallery and touches the paintings and falls into them and has lots of amazing adventures.

We were very excited when we fell through a picture frame into a painting called ‘Winter’ by Zuzana Chalupova. This inspired us to plan our own stories with a problem and resolution.

In phonics we have focused on oi/oy, ee/ea/ey/e-e and i-e/igh.

Reading Buddies

We enjoyed sharing our T Rex books with our Year 5 reading buddies. They were very impressed with them!


We have been thinking about roles and responsibilities. We began by doing a ‘Talk with your feet’ task. The children were shown a picture of someone doing a job e.g. tidying a bedroom and had to decide whose responsibility it was – parents, children, people who work at school or everyone. It led to some great discussions. We then wrote a class set of responsibilities which included tidying our classrooms, helping setting the table at home and saving the World!!


We have been busy adding the finishing touches to our canvases. We can’t wait for you to see them next Thursday! Thank you for your £1 contributions on Parent Pay.

Have a great weekend.

The Year 1 Team

9 responses to “Fun falling into a painting!”

  1. Jade Thomson says:

    What a busy week! Lots of interesting things

  2. Ruth says:

    Wow – looks and sounds great. I bet I guess where Isobel ended up on the ‘who should tidy your bedroom’ feet talk?!

  3. George’s mum says:

    I see some serious concentrating going on here. We can’t wait to see all the artwork!

  4. Will says:

    I really like the art work.

  5. Emma says:

    Sofia says I wish I could be like Katie jumping in and out of pictures. I’d jump into a princess painting.

  6. Aylas mum says:

    Looks like another busy week. Ayla has really enjoyed doing all the art this half term!

  7. Sabry Guen says:

    Looks like the children have had a really busy week. Well done everyone especially for all your art work.

  8. Andrea Birk-Telford says:

    Frederike told me all about it being everybody’s responsibility to keep the planet tidy. Saving the planet is an issue very close to her heart.
    I can’t wait to see everybody’s artwork at the gallery on Thursday.

  9. Amy Dennis says:

    I love the idea of falling into a painting – I think watching Mary Poppins as a child made me think this would be a fun idea! I hope the activity about tidying and whose responsibility it is will help with Phoebe’s room at home!

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