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Welcome back Year 1!

Wednesday 19th February | 10 comments

We have another busy and exciting half term planned in Year 1. We will be learning lots about our amazing bodies and exploring our five senses. Look at our new areas:

During the first week we are having a ‘Busy Body Day’. We will begin by labelling the human body and finding out and writing lots of interesting body facts. We will also have fun competing in the ‘Amazing Body Olympics’.

In our English lessons we will be writing facts about our bodies and the five senses and will also become chicken experts and write our own non-fiction book. We will also continue with our daily phonic lessons and be doing lots of reading.

In maths we will be doing lots of work about place value and also having fun with lots of practical measuring.

We will be doing lots of practical investigations based on the body in our science lessons. We will also become chicken experts! We will be visiting the school farm, so please can you make sure that your child has a pair of wellington boots in school. The children will also be creating their own ‘Chicken Books’ and making mini movies! We would like to share this work with you on Friday 3rd April at 9.15 in the North Hall – more details to follow.

Our computing lessons will be linked to science and maths and we will be using Data Loggers to investigate our heart rates.

In our PE lessons we are beginning our games unit of work. During our Friday afternoon rotation the children will be doing RE, food skills, music and art.

We hope your child’s amazing art is on display in your homes.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.

The Year 1 Team

10 responses to “Welcome back Year 1!”

  1. Helen Sharman says:

    This all sounds very exciting!

  2. Amy Dennis says:

    This sounds like a fun packed half term!

  3. Emma says:

    Lots of interesting and fun activities/learning this term.

  4. Claire Beetham says:

    Wow!! Busy busy! Theo may already know a reasonable amount about his heart rate, he may even remember the terms for fast and slow heart rates, he’s heard them often enough!!

  5. Andrea Birk-Telford says:

    Oh, that sounds amazing and lots of fun.

  6. Satveer (Riya’s mum) says:

    Fantastic! Riya is super excited and can’t wait to explore all of the new areas..

  7. Sonia says:

    How exciting ! Kiki is looking forward to all the fun activities.

  8. Sheila singh( vanshika mum) says:

    This term sounds like fun. Vanshika is looking forward to exploring the hospital and doing the fun activities.

  9. Shiv says:

    Avni is looking forward to learning about this, she had lots of questions!

  10. June Parsons says:

    Sounds exciting. Abi will enjoy this. One of her favourite books is My Body, flip up book.

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