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Amazing bodies, place value and measuring fun!

Friday 28th February | 5 comments

English and Science

We began our new topic with a ‘Busy Body Day’ and the children had fun investigating and learning interesting facts about their body. The children began by drawing things that were in their body. We then looked in information books and correctly put the body parts in the right places. The children were interested in finding out body facts! Did you know your eyes see upside down and your veins and arteries would go around the world twice? They labelled a body and wrote sentences about some of the facts they had learnt. They also enjoyed looking at the model of the skeleton and created their own using chalk, paint and art straws.

Everyone was very excited about our virtual T shirt. We’ve had lots of fun using the app ‘Virtuali – tee’ to look inside a human body!!

The children have enjoyed their first week of ‘Phonic Detectives’. This week we focused on the digraphs ck/ff/ll/zz/ss/ng/ch/sh/th/wh/ph/qu/ar. They are all very keen to be detective of the day and win the prize! Thank you for your support at home completing the phonic spotting sheet.

The children have been busy exploring the new role play areas and investigating our senses displays.


We have been working hard to represent numbers to 50 using 10 frames, tens and ones, straws and part-whole models. We have also found missing numbers within 50 and solved one more and ones less problems. We have realised that the ‘ones’ increase when we add one more but decrease when we find one less.

We also had lots of fun at our ‘Body Olympics’. The children took part in the long jump, straw javelin and measuring different body parts.


Our PSHE unit this half term is ‘What is safe for our bodies?’ This week we have been talking about what is safe to go inside our bodies and on our skin. The children had to sort our weekly shop into safe, sometimes safe and never safe. This led to some very interesting discussions and the children were very aware of how to keep themselves safe.

We are looking forward to celebrating World Book Day next Thursday. We have got lots of great books to share and some fun activities prepared. We need lots of clean plastic pots, tubs and bags for one of our activities. Please have a look through your recycling! The ‘shelfie’ photographs are brilliant – keep sending them in! Remember there are other competitions they can do too, we have some great prizes!

Have a great weekend.

The Year 1 Team

5 responses to “Amazing bodies, place value and measuring fun!”

  1. Emma says:

    A great start back with lots to do. Such an interesting week.

  2. Jade Thomson says:

    I have been told a lot of interesting comments this week about our body, great week back!

  3. Amy Dennis says:

    Phoebe has enjoyed learning about the human body this week. She has come home with lots of brilliant facts to tell us!

  4. Carolyn (Leah’s mum) says:

    Leah has been telling us all about bones and muscles she has learnt. She is looking forward to being a phonics detective, sounds like a fun half term is planned.

  5. Michael Brown says:

    Isobel has enjoyed the senses work and we have been talking about the body at home as well

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