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Exploring our five senses!

Friday 6th March | 4 comments


We have been investigating our five senses this week. We began by exploring lots of different objects and describing how they felt, smelt, looked, sounded and tasted. The children then wrote sentences using lots of super ‘right choice’ words. In our next lesson we started to write our own information books about our senses.

In phonics we have revised ee, ea, e-e, ey and ai, a-e, ay. The children are great phonic detectives and are reading real and nonsense words with more confidence – please keep practising at home.


We have been comparing numbers to 50 using < and >. We have used the language of greater than and less than. We have also started to practise counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. Keep practising at home too!


We have been learning about our sense of taste. We looked carefully at our tongues and learnt about taste buds. Can your child remember how many taste buds the average person has? We then tasted different foods and decided if they were sweet, salty, bitter or sour.

We also looked at art work by the artist Esref Armagan who is blind. The children were amazed that he had created his pieces of art without sight. They were all challenged to create a piece of art wearing a blindfold and only using their sense of touch – this got quite messy!!

World Book Day

We all had lots of fun celebrating reading. We did an activity with each KS1 teacher.

All your ‘shelfies’ were brilliant – well done. We were also very impressed with your book reviews, posters and stories in a box.

We also enjoyed sharing books with our Year 5 reading buddies. What a busy day!

Have a super weekend.

The Year 1 Team

4 responses to “Exploring our five senses!”

  1. Jade Thomson says:

    wow what a busy week! We love books in our house and what a great way to celebrate them!

  2. Mel says:

    What a super busy week – I have loved hearing all about the creative sensory work!

  3. Emma Guen says:

    What a fab week! Sofia really enjoyed making her story in a box and couldn’t wait to take in to school.

  4. Andrea Birk-Telford says:

    Frederike told me about the blind artist and how impressed she was. (She normally doesn’t volunteer much information without being asked.) She really enjoyed painting with a blindfold on.

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