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Monday 23rd March

Monday 23rd March | 5 comments

Home learning

Good afternoon year 1! We will be updating the blog every few days with suggestions and activities you can do at home. Please feel free to email us photographs of any activities you are busy doing at home too!


This week we would be focusing on measurement: length and height.

You could:

Use non-standard units, such as straws, paper clips, kidney beans or hands to measure length and height. It is important for children to realise that the non-standard units should be exactly in line with one end of the object with no gaps between them to get an accurate measurement.

Image result for measuring objects using paper clips

The pencil is 4 paper clips long.

You could find objects around the house to measure.

Use the words taller or shorter in the sentence stems to compare the height of the man and the boy.

You could introduce using a ruler. It is important that children know to measure from 0 cm. There’s also an activity sheet attached to this blog post. This can be used after practically measuring different items using a ruler.

Can you try solving this problem?


In English we would be finding out all about chickens and writing some facts. Can you research and write sentences in your home learning book?

You may start with this website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/radio/my-pet-and-me-chickens

Remember to include capital letters, fingers spaces and full stops. Can you add a ? or ! in some of your sentences too?

In phonics we would be revising the phonemes air/ear/ure/are/c says s/oi/oy. Can you spot any of these phonemes in your reading books? Can you write any words with these phonemes in? Don’t forget to keep practising the tricky words.


You can sign up for oxford owl free of charge to access lots of ebooks online too! Just click this link:


Don’t forget to play out in your garden in this lovely sunshine.

Bye for now.

The Year 1 Team

5 responses to “Monday 23rd March”

  1. Claire says:

    Thank you for this! We’ll get into this tomorrow

  2. Sheila singh( vanshika mum) says:

    Thank you. Will keep vanshika busy.

  3. Sonia says:

    Kiki has made a start. Thankyou for this.

  4. Puneeta says:

    Thank you, Aaryana has made a start to the measuring activates today.

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