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Hello Year 1!

Wednesday 25th March | 4 comments

Hope you are all well. Have you done any of the activities that were on our blog on Monday? We thought we would share a few fun websites, games and songs with you to enjoy at home. The next maths lessons are here too.


I have been enjoying doing the GoNoodle dances at home. They are very funny! Popping Bubbles is my favourite so far. Find them at www.gonoodle.com

A few weeks ago, we were stuck inside due to the bad weather so we got a little in-class exercise. We watched and copied the video above to learn some awesome Jedi-like moves.

What exercise have you been doing at home or in your garden? We would love to share your photos on our blog!


Have you enjoyed playing the phonic games with your family? Here is a fun song to help you remember the phonemes.

We have updated all your books on Bug Club and added new games to Spelling Shed. Do you think you can earn a certificate on Mathletics?


Following on from the measuring activities this week, you can have a go at the next 3 lessons. The worksheets are attached to complete for each lesson too! You may also have a go at comparing the weight of different objects around your house.

Click this link to watch the lesson:


Recapping maths activities

Have a go at these fun number games…

Try both games, numbers up to 50 ideally.
Numbers up to 49 to start with but if you’re feeling confident then try to to 99!

Thank you for emailing us and commenting on the blog. Your lovely messages and photographs are great and are making us smile! Super chicken facts and brilliant measuring – well done Year 1.

4 responses to “Hello Year 1!”

  1. Sonia says:

    Kiki did the fun number games today. We tried upto number 99 with good results. We are also working through the worksheets. Thankyou.

  2. Carolyn (Emily and Leah's mum) says:

    Thanks for the downloads, I’ve now got a printer so it’s great to have some more resources.

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