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Year 1 Chickens 2020 (virtual tour)

Thursday 26th March | 9 comments

Mr Harris and Mrs Kenny took the children who are in school to visit the school chickens. They have filmed their visit to help you write your chicken facts at home. You could make a mini-book and write a page for each video. Could you draw pictures and write labels in your book? You could even make a contents and index page. Have fun being an author and illustrator. Your books will be egg-cellent!

Feeding chickens by hand

Chicken Food

The coop

Counting eggs

The Whopper Egg

Parts of a chicken

Breeds of chicken on Farfield Farm

The Sleeping Tree

What egg-citing videos. Thank you for filming them for us all. They are cracking!!

From everyone in Year 1

9 responses to “Year 1 Chickens 2020 (virtual tour)”

  1. Helen Sharman says:

    Really helpful, we will use this today. Thanks

  2. Marion Allen says:

    Thank you! We spotted the chickens on our constitutional earlier in the week. Glad they are laying again! We’ll enjoy writing about them.

  3. Sarah says:

    thanks Mr.harris. Fab facts about chickens we enjoyed watching the videos

  4. Alison Lewis Thornton says:

    Wow! What an interesting visit to the chickens. It was lovely to watch these videos and to see some of the children. I’m missing everyone. Have fun writing your chicken books. Mrs Thornton

  5. Jade Thomson says:

    great to see the happy chickens. On our journey out yesterday, we went and visited some horses which is Annie’s favourite animal. I’ll send in some pictures!

  6. Rachel Howard says:

    thanks for this we will enjoy making a chicken book

  7. June Parsons says:

    Thank you for these videos. Abi has enjoyed watching them.

  8. Elea Derry says:

    Thanks, Noah enjoyed watching these videos. His favourite facts were all poo related- shocker! Looking forward to reading his book! x

  9. Carolyn (Emily and Leah's mum) says:

    Leah was really excited to watch the videos and like being able to see some friends. She’s enjoyed making her chicken book.

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