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Home learning – week 2! Monday 30th March

Monday 30th March | 12 comments

Good morning Year 1! We hope you are all well. Here is an overview of activities you can do at home over the next few days…

Maths – capacity and volume work

English – finish your chicken facts/book and do some of the Chicken Licken tasks

Phonics – write some silly sentences and do the phonics detective sheets

Science – learn about the life cycle of a chicken

Art – create a rainbow


This week we would be learning all about capacity and volume.

Have a go at the White Rose lessons. This is a great video and is a full capacity lesson. https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/

If you can, explore capacity in a practical way using different containers and water. Fill up different sized containers whilst you have a bath or are playing in your garden. You could even create delicious ‘mocktails’ for your family. Please encourage children to compare the containers using the vocabulary, full, nearly full, empty or nearly empty. The work sheets are also attached to the end of this section too.

Can you compare the drinks? Which drink would you prefer? Why?

Can you use the language of less and more? Compare these two drinks. Which has less? Which has more?

Can you try solving this problem?

Lesson 2 – measuring capacity

The capacity of these containers is how much it can hold.

You could practically estimate using your own containers and cups too!

How many glasses will fill 2 fish bowls? How could you work it out?

Can you complete these challenges?

Download the activity sheets:

Recap measuring game…


This week we are reading the traditional story ‘Chicken Licken’. Do you have a copy of this book at home? Enjoy listening to the story on this video.

Here are some activities you could do at home…

  • You could draw a story path. What happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story? Draw the characters along the path. Can you label them? (You could use the one attached or draw a bigger path.)
  • Write a happier ending to the story!!
  • Make some paper puppets or masks and act out the story with your family.
  • Make a list of rhyming animals – Rabbit Wabbit, Kitten Mitten, Shark Flark. Can you draw these characters?


Here are some more phonic detective sheets for you to use at home.

In school the children enjoy reading and writing their own silly sentences. “Can a blue teapot dance and sing?”Do sharks read books at night and sleep in a bed?” “I saw a jumping dolphin in my garden!” Can they write one in the comment section of this blog post for their friends to read? What phonemes will you use in your sentences? Will you need a question mark or full stop?


What do you know about the life cycle of a chicken? This little video will tell you a few facts.

There is a comprehension activity attached too. (There are 3 differentiated levels – so choose which is best for your child).


We have seen lots of lovely rainbows everywhere. Can you create a rainbow to make everyone feel happy? You could maybe chalk one on your path or paint one on a pebble. Have fun being arty!

More of your amazing work and activities!

Thank you for your photographs it looks like you are all keeping busy with some very exciting activities. We will keep adding them to the blog so all your friends can see what you have been doing.

Bye for now

The Year 1 Team

12 responses to “Home learning – week 2! Monday 30th March”

  1. Ruth says:

    Thanks again for this. Please do keep the art ideas coming- we both default to science and maths so all creative ideas are very welcome!

  2. y1team says:

    We will keep thinking of creative ideas. Just planning Wednesday’s blog with some Easter craft ideas.

  3. Henry Sharman says:

    Can a cat dance around the room?

  4. Deborah Miller says:

    I have seen a dolphin flying in the sky with feathers on its flippers and tail! From Alice miller

  5. Nicola Leeming says:

    We watched chicken Licken, and then life cycle of a chick and then we talked and wrote about it, I drew chicken Licken, Lee coloured him in. Then we watched chicken run sticking with the chicken theme

  6. William Hudson says:

    Can a dog jump on a fence?

  7. William Hudson says:

    Williams alternate Chicken Licken ending.

    Chicken Licken and his friends meet the fox and he invites them to dinner. The fox feeds them lots of grain like a big feast and then takes them to the King. They tell the King the sky is falling to the Earth. He tells them that the sky can’t be falling down and he saw on his security cameras near the spy tree that it was really just an acorn that fell on Chicken Lickens head. They all go home feeling very silly and the King laughs until he pees himself.

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