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It’s April! More home learning ideas for Year 1

Wednesday 1st April | 13 comments

Have you had fun with capacity? Are you busy writing a chicken book?

Over the next few days you could do some of these activities…

English – do some of the Chicken Licken ideas from Monday’s blog

Maths – revisit previous learning. Can you count in 10s? Can you make equal groups?

Reading – enjoy reading one of your reading or library books. Can you spot any phonemes in the book?

Phonics – write a silly sentence and add it to the comment section of the blog. Have a go at the phonic detective sheets.

RE – find out about why some families celebrate Easter


This week we would have been learning about Easter. Enjoy these short videos…

Over the next few weeks you could do some Easter activities.

  • Make an Easter card for someone in your family
  • You could boil an egg and then decorate it
  • Have a go at egg rolling!
  • Make an Easter bonnet
  • Make chocolate nests and enjoy eating them!
  • Draw eggs and hide them around your house for your family to find them

There are a few fun Easter activities attached.


Please find attached some more phonic sheets. You could have a go at making your own sheet to test your family.


Can you complete these flashback activities? These are based on maths we have covered throughout the year.

What’s the fastest way to count the eggs?

We can count in 10s. See if you can try this one.

Can you complete the activity sheet?

Lesson 2 – Make equal groups

Can you make equal groups?

There are 2 equal groups of 4.

Can you pick an object and place them on plates to make equal groups? How many groups do you have? How many in each group?

Can you complete the activity sheet?

Remember there are more maths videos and ideas on the White Rose Maths Home Learning pages. https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/


We are going to share all your photographs every Friday, so everyone can see what we’ve all been doing. Keep emailing us – they are great!! Our email addresses are alexandra.galbraith@farsleyfarfield.org.uk, sabrina.pinnock@farsleyfarfield.org.uk, hannah.kumar@farsleyfarfield.org.uk

This is Mr Garlick’s last week as one of our Year 1 teachers. Whilst we are delighted to welcome back Mrs Kumar, we will all miss having Mr Garlick as part of our team and we look forward to seeing him again soon. Thank you Mr. G!

Have fun!

The Year 1 Team

13 responses to “It’s April! More home learning ideas for Year 1”

  1. Marion Allen says:

    Thank you for the regular updates and work suggestions. We’ve enjoyed learning about capacity and volume in the bath (no photos for that one, lol). All the best to Mr Garlick.

  2. Karl Brennan says:

    Morning Guys, many thanks for all the support and worksheets. These are proving really useful.

    All the best to Mr Garlick and thank you for the fun you have provide for Max.

  3. Karl Brennan says:

    Max’s silly sentence:

    The fish went to the supermarket to buy toilet rolls but someone bought it to eat!!

  4. Sheila singh( vanshika mum) says:

    Thank you for worksheets to keep busy and vanshika enjoyed doing the measuring and capacity one.

  5. Ayla Rashid says:

    The farmer went to feed the horses but one of the horses said moooooo! So the farmer sent it to the cows but the cows said quack!

  6. rachelhawkhead says:

    Well done Year 1. Some brilliant sentences!

  7. Alizah Ali says:

    Can my hand talk? Can my nose sing a song? Can my mouth do a dance?

  8. Katrina Heseltine says:

    Lydia had done quite well this week with her school work and enjoyed the work sheets on volume and capacity.
    Her silly sentences were
    “the pig went down the slide and lost his underpants”

    “the banana got stuck up the tree because he ran after a cat”

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