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Friday’s here again! Week 2 done!

Friday 3rd April | 10 comments

Look what we’ve all been up to this week!

At home…

In school…

Look at our new fence!! How could we make it look nicer?

The children in school wrote a happier ending to the Chicken Licken story…

Even the adults have been busy…

It’s been so lovely to hear from lots of our Year 1 children. It really helps keep all our spirits up. We’re glad that you seem to be getting the balance right between work and play.

Spring Chicken Event

Today would have been our Spring Chicken event. Maybe you could have your own at home! Look at your chicken work and join in with the song.

Fun ideas for the weekend!

Spot the Difference

Well, these 3 troopers have helped make a Spot the Difference game for you to play.

There are 10 differences to spot! (I think)

If you do want to play and add your answers to the comment section of this blog, please don’t use the children’s names in your text….girl on the left, boy, girl on the right would be best.


We love doing Cosmic Kids yoga at school. Here is a fun one that all the family can enjoy!

Have a great weekend.

The Year 1 Team

10 responses to “Friday’s here again! Week 2 done!”

  1. Alison Lewis Thornton says:

    How fantastic to see so many of your smiley faces! You’ve all been busy. Stay safe.

  2. Ruth says:

    we love seeing all the photos of everybody, thanks for this! Ruth and Isobel

  3. Marion Allen says:

    How lovely! We enjoy seeing what everyone has been up to. Thanks for sharing! Have a good weekend all!

  4. Amy Dennis says:

    Lots of fab activities going on and people having fun! The bunny hop video was great!

  5. Jade Thomson says:

    Aww fab to see everyone’s smiling faces and I hope Mrs Galbraith enjoyed her “mocktails” 🙂

  6. Rachel Howard says:

    Good to see what everyone is up to. Laila missing her friends but enjoying the pictures. Stay safe everyone.

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