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Finding the difference, recount writing and compass skills…

June 17, 2016 at 2:22 pm


It has been a very busy week in Year 1. The children all really enjoyed our trip to the woods – please see our separate blog post for lots of photographs of the day.

In literacy the children have written a recount about their adventures in the woods. They tried hard to think of good sentence starters. We have also enjoyed reading ‘Superworm’ by Julia Donaldson. They used verbs and adjectives to describe him and other mini beasts e.g. creepy, crawly spiders and beastly, black beetles. They have also been editing and improving sentences to make them more interesting for the reader. For example they changed ‘The spider has legs.’ to ‘The small black spider has eight hairy legs.’ In handwriting they have learnt how to join ir, ph and ew cursively.

All the children have completed the Year 1 phonic screening. They all tried their hardest and you will find out their results towards the end of July. Thank you for all your support with phonics and reading at home.

In maths the children have been learning about finding the difference. They have been building towers and colouring boxes on squared paper to find the difference and some children have also used number lines. Some children are still finding this quite tricky and could practise at home. “What is the difference between 12 and 5?”

In geography the children were taught how to use a compass in preparation for the map reading and treasure hunt in the woods. They all enjoyed this practical lesson.

We have been plant detectives in science. The children dropped a hoop on our school field and looked carefully to see what they could find and if they could name any of the plants and their parts.

We have continued practising ball skills in our PE lessons. Most children are now throwing, bouncing and kicking balls with more confidence. Please make sure that you child has their PE kit in school and some appropriate outdoor trainers or pumps.

Have a lovely weekend.
Enjoy the camp over – hope the sun shines!
The Year 1 Team

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Fun in the woods

June 15, 2016 at 2:27 pm


We  have had such a great time exploring the beautiful woodland at Blackhills scout camp. The children participated in a range of activities including minibeast hunting, plant spotting and building mini dens for Superworm! We had a lot of fun but the highlight for most children was the treasure hunt where they had to follow a map to find their treasure. Can your child explain why this treasure hunt had an extra twist?

This was our last trip in Year 1 and luckily it didn’t rain until we arrived back at school. Thank you again to the parents who supported us on this trip and a special thanks to Mrs James for all of her hard work and for making the treasure hunt even more exciting – all of the children appreciated it!


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A great first week back in Year One

June 10, 2016 at 1:29 pm


In maths this week we have had fun with numbers and place value. The children have been looking at numbers and how many hundreds, tens and ones they are made up of – some children were extended using thousands. They used arrow cards and dienes apparatus to make the numbers. They have also been using lots of maths vocabulary including greatest, less than, most, fewest etc. They did lots of sorting and ordering of numbers up to 1000. We also played a ‘show me a number’ game. Maybe you can play this at home?

Show me a number that …

  • is more than 100
  • is less than 100
  • is more than 1000
  • is less that 1000
  • is more than 10
  • is less than 10
  • has 4 units/ones
  • has 7 units/ones
  • has 0 units/ones
  • has 9 units/ones
  • has 3 tens
  • has 2 tens
  • has 0 tens
  • has 8 tens
  • has 5 hundreds
  • has 6 hundreds
  • has 0 hundreds
  • is an odd number
  • is an even number
  • is a mltiple of  2
  • is a multiple of 5
  • is a multiple of 10

We have been busy performing and writing poems in our literacy lessons. We began by reading lots of poems in our hive groups and then chose one to practise and perform to the rest of the class. This was good fun and some children really enjoyed performing!


We then moved onto writing our own group poems about summer. The children thought of some great ideas …

In our grammar lesson we learnt why some words have an apostrophe. The children played a matching game where they had to make pairs such as don’t and do not and I’ll and I will. We have learnt how to join ck, er and ew cursively in our handwriting lesson. We have also been busy playing lots of phonic games. The phonic screening will take place next week. This will be administered by the class teacher and the children won’t know they are doing anything different to normal.

We have started our geography topic ‘Wonderful World’ and began by discussing what geography is. The children then learnt about physical and human features and sorted different photographs.

The children are enjoying our new role play areas. They are having fun being teachers and pupils in our ‘mini classroom.’

Year 1 are all going to Blackhill Woods on Wednesday 15th June. The children can come to school in non-uniform, ideally leggings or tracksuit bottoms. Please can you ensure that your child is wearing appropriate footwear and a waterproof coat or a sun hat and sun cream depending on the weather! We will be outside all day. The children need a rucksack or bag so that they can carry their own lunch. We are thinking about recycling so please can you try and reduce the packaging that is used for their lunch.

Have a great weekend.
The Year 1 Team

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Division, letters and animal facts

May 20, 2016 at 2:56 pm


In literacy this week the children have learnt how to write a letter and set it out correctly. They then drafted a letter to Mags from ‘Animals in Tuition’ thanking her for showing us her amazing animals. Next the children edited their letters and copied them onto headed paper and we posted them to Mags. The children tried very hard with their presentation and some children joined up their letters cursively.

In our grammar lesson the children were taught about prefixes and the children made prefix calculations e.g un + happy = unhappy and some then wrote sentences with prefixes in. Click here for some fun spelling games. The children continue to work hard with their phonics and they have accessed a variety of activities to help them to learn new sounds. Thank you for all your support at home – most children are now reading and writing the digraphs with more confidence.

In handwriting the children learnt how to join oo, aw and oy cursively.

In maths we have been practising our division skills. The children had fun practically dividing sweets and objects between bowls. The children also solved division calculations by sharing pennies between purses. Finally they used drawings to help solve the calculations and some children were challenged further and taught about remainders. A range of interactive games can be found here.

In ICT the children have continued working on the laptops using the program Purple Mash and are developing their coding skills.

We have continued to learn about types of animals in science. The children thought about the animals that Mags brought and had to decide if they were a mammal, amphibian, fish, bird or reptile. We played an interesting ‘What am I?’ game which the children really enjoyed. Can they play it at home? The children also worked with a partner and typed some great animal facts using the laptops.

Have a super weekend.
The Year  1 Team

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Animal Fun in Year One

May 16, 2016 at 3:24 pm


Today Mags from ‘Animals in Tuition‘ brought some amazing animals to school. The children saw a cockerel, tarantula, python, scorpion, tortoise and some rats. The children enjoyed touching the animals and we all watched the scorpion glow in the dark. We learnt lots of animal facts. Can your child tell you about omnivores, herbivores and carnivores? Do they remember the different types of animals such as mammal, reptile or arachnid?

It wasn’t just the children who enjoyed it though…

Thank you Mags – a brilliant day!


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Story writing, arrays, animals and even more in Year One

May 13, 2016 at 2:23 pm


In literacy this week we have had fun thinking of our own animals to cross the billy goats bridge. They thought of some great characters including ‘The Three Cheeky Monkeys’ and ‘The Three Silly Spiders’.  The children then wrote and illustrated their own story in a mini book. They tried hard and most children are now using the correct punctuation, conjunctions and adjectives.

In our handwriting lesson they have learnt how to write and join air, ear and au. We have also read stories in our guided reading sessions and enjoyed our daily phonics.

We have been learning about multiplication and arrays in our maths lessons. One activity was to look at printed arrays and write the multiplication and repeated addition e.g 3 + 3 + 3 = 9 and 3 X 3 = 9. They also enjoyed printing their own arrays using cotton buds and squared paper and making arrays on peg boards.

The children have been busy creating pieces of art based on our trip to the nature reserve. They spent a lot of time on their work and added lots of detail. This work will be sent to the reserve and entered into their annual calendar competition. Hopefully one of our children will win and their work will be featured in the calendar.

In science we began our work on animals. The children learnt about amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds. They enjoyed sorting photographs into the four categories and are beginning to be able to explain the differences between them.

Next Monday the children will take part in a workshop led by ‘Animals in Tuition’. Your kind donations at the art gallery and a contribution from the PTA has paid for the cost of the workshop.

In our ICT lessons the children have begun to learn about coding. They have been working on the laptops on the program ‘Purple Mash‘ and have worked through a variety of tasks. Your child could explore this program more at home.

Have a lovely weekend.
The Year 1 Team

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