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Carriages fit for a queen…

November 25, 2016 at 2:34 pm


Year 1 have been busy designing and then making vehicles for the queen. First the children looked at wheeled vehicles and thought about the queen’s requirements. Can your child show you the axle, axle holder and body on a toy car? Next the children created designs and practised joining materials. Year 1 used lots of skills to build their vehicles including, sawing and sticking. Did you know that pegs and card can all be used to make axle holders? The finished carriages and cars are certainly suitable for royalty and there is not a pumpkin to be seen! Can your child tell you what they discussed during their evaluation? Does their vehicle match their initial design?

Here is some writing fit for a queen too. Can you spot the capital letters, full stops and conjunctions?


1GJ working hard and their finished vehicles…


1S working hard and their finished vehicles…

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Year One travel back to 1953…

November 22, 2016 at 3:28 pm


This afternoon Year 1 travelled back in time to the 2nd June 1953.  We witnessed the Queen’s coronation in all its glory.  The Queen arrived in her golden state coach. Then during the royal occasion we saw the Queen receive a sword, orb, sceptres and of course the magnificent crown.   After she had waved her farewells from the balcony Year 1 celebrated with a street party. The rain didn’t fall today, like it did  63 years ago, but apart from that it was pretty realistic. A fantastic day had by all!

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The Queen, a wizard, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and a Princess!

November 18, 2016 at 1:57 pm


We have been busy thinking about characters in literacy this week. We have read the story ‘The Princess and the Wizard’ by Julia Donaldson.


The children then thought of great adjectives to describe the two main characters.

Then we moved on to writing a description of the characters and tried to remember everything we’ve learnt so far about sentence structure and using conjunctions.

In maths we have been practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Here are some songs to help your child practise even more. Enjoy!

The children enjoyed carrying out lots of practical activities. They also enjoyed filling out a 100 square and looking for the patterns when counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

We also worked hard with our mathematical language and knowledge. Can your child remember what less than, more than, fewer than, greater than, least and most mean? Can they answer questions such as what number is more than 8 but less than 12? Or what number is less than 15 but more than 11?

We have begun to learn about Queen Elizabeth in our history lessons. We shared a book all about the Queen’s life and then had fun sorting facts into true and false. Can your child remember any facts about Queen Elizabeth? We then put the main events of her life onto a timeline.

In ICT the children used Dazzle to design a pair of knickers for the Queen, working hard to create a repeating pattern.

Thank you to everyone who has returned their consent slip for our visit to Thwaites Mill.

We have had a good day collecting money for ‘Children in Need’ and we have thought carefully about how our money will help those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Thank you for your donations.

A few dates to remember for next week:

On Tuesday 22nd November we are re-enacting the Queen’s Coronation and having a small street party. The children need to come to school dressed in their party clothes. (This celebration is just for the children but we will post lots of photographs on the blog.)

On Thursday 24th November we are hosting a reading/phonic workshop for parents straight after school. Please come along to gain advice on how to help your child achieve more with their reading and phonics.

Please remember we still need boxes for next week and small ones would work well. Thank you.

Have a super weekend.

The Year One team.


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Fun in the castle!

November 16, 2016 at 4:21 pm


The children in 1GJ are having lots of fun exploring the spooky castle! They are enjoying dressing up and being different characters – we’ve had strong knights, evil wizards, brave princesses and friendly witches. They have created lots of weird and wonderful potions.

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Queen’s knickers, floating and sinking and more place value…

November 11, 2016 at 3:08 pm


In literacy we have enjoyed reading ‘The Queen’s Knickers’ by Nicholas Allen. This is a fun story where the Queen loses her pants!!


The children have been writing descriptions of the Queen’s bedroom and thinking about what makes a good sentence. They have tried hard to remember to use finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. Later in the week they met ‘Captain Conjunction’ and have learnt what conjunctions are and how to use them in their writing.

Click here for a game to help learn more about conjunctions.

The children looked at pictures of various castles and then had to extend a sentence using a conjunction such as and, so, but and because. They wrote some great sentences including ‘The castle has a strong door so the baddies can’t get in’ and ‘The castle has a small door because fairies live inside’.

In science we have continued exploring materials. This week we have been focusing on floating and sinking. The children began by looking at a set of objects and predicting if each one would float or sink and then they tested them.

They then used this knowledge to help them to create something that would keep the Queen’s knickers dry and not sink. There were some very happy children and some who got very wet knickers!

This link is a fun and interactive website which might help you to carry on this learning at home. Bath time could be a lot of fun tonight!

In maths we have learnt how to count on from a number and back from a number using a number line.


The children responded to questions like, What is 9 count on 5? What is 15 count back 7? Some children found using a number line quite tricky and it is a skill that they could practice further. We sent home a number line in the parents’ evening maths pack. We then moved on to sorting numbers/numicon into groups. We used sorting criteria like fewer than 11, greater than 6, the same as 9, more than 16 and less than 12 to sort numbers. The children enjoyed this lesson and it led to lots of interesting discussions.

The children have worked hard and have squeezed a lot into 4 days!

Also 1S were lucky enough to play on 4G’s electronic games today. Wow! We were all very impressed. They are fantastic!

This is a link to see 1GJ playing on 4K’S games. Well done Year Four!

Thank you for your support during our parents’ evenings. We hope you find the packs we handed out helpful.

Have a great weekend.

The Year One team.


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Useful links for learning

November 10, 2016 at 8:59 pm


In Year One we always want to make learning fun and some web based interactive activities can help. As promised at parents’ evening we wanted to offer some help.  This website is particularly good: click on the pictures below and you will be taken to the fun games. Ask your child to show you the activities they are familiar with.
Phonics / key words / reading games


Maths games


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