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Instruction writing, shape detectives, reindeer buns and painting in Year One this week!

December 11, 2015 at 2:14 pm

In literacy we have continued our work on reading and writing instructions. We followed instructions to create a shiny star and the next day we wrote our own set remembering to include lots of bossy verbs such as cut, stick, put. Next we had fun making yummy reindeer buns.
We then wrote a set of instructions about making them independently in our writing achievement books. This was the assessed piece of writing for this half term. Everyone tried really hard and we are pleased with the progress the children are making. Most of them are now remembering to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in their sentences and some children even used conjunctions and adjectives.

We have done lots of practical maths this week focussing on 2D and 3D shapes. The children had fun creating pictures using 2D Christmas parcels. They have also been using an app on the iPads to make shapes. Can your child remember the names of the shapes they have used this week and any of the features e.g sides, corners, faces?

In art we have been learning about painting techniques and have used watercolour paints to create different scenes of each season. These lovely pieces of work will be hanging on your walls soon as they are your new calendar.

We have also been busy practising our show ‘Christmas Number 1’. We hope that the children have been learning the songs and practising the strictly dance at home. http://ffks1.primaryblogger.co.uk/uncategorized/practising-for-our-christmas-performance/

There will be no more learning log or spelling homework until January – but please keep hearing your child read and playing games on Education City and Bug Club.  Click here for some extra maths games and here for some extra literacy games. Also please see previous blog posts for further support.

It’s a busy week next week –
Monday – we are watching the KS2 show and it’s our dress rehearsal
Tuesday – training day (school is closed)
Wednesday – our show at 9.30am
Thursday – our show at 2pm
Friday – party day!!

Have a lovely weekend.
The Year 1 Team

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A Victorian Christmas at Thwaite Mills

December 4, 2015 at 3:58 pm


We all had a great time learning about how the Victorians celebrated Christmas. We spent the morning in the kitchen and parlour playing with Victorian toys, making rag rugs and followed instructions to make tasty lemonade . In the afternoon we had fun making Christmas crackers and cards. The children really enjoyed this trip and said “This is the best trip we’ve ever been on!” Thank you to all the adults who came with us – we hope you enjoyed it too.

1GJ having fun at the mills…

1S enjoying the Victorian Christmas…



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It is starting to feel like Christmas in Year One!

December 4, 2015 at 3:44 pm


In our RE lessons this week we have been learning about how Christians celebrate Christmas. We enjoyed making our Christingles – can your child remember what all the parts symbolise? On Tuesday we took them to St Johns church and met the Vicar Paul Tudge who showed us around the church. We explored the church and went on a photo hunt. Then we listened to the story about why Christians make a Christingle at Christmas time. We also sang a Christingle song.

In maths we have been looking at the book ‘Picture Pie’ by Ed Emberley. It is all about creating pictures using whole, half and quarter circles. The children created some super pictures. We then moved onto working out halves and quarters of numbers and objects.

In literacy we have been reading and writing instructions. The children followed a set of instructions to create a Christmas card and then the next day they wrote their own set of instructions. Can your child remember some of the bossy verbs they used?

In science we have continued exploring materials. This week we have been focussing on floating and sinking. They began by looking at a set of objects and predicting if they would float or sink and then they tested them. They then used this knowledge to help them create something that would keep the Queen’s knickers dry and not sink!

Your child should have brought home the song words for our Christmas concert. Have they been practising them? They also need to learn the ‘Strictly dance’. Click this link for Christmas concert fun… http://ffks1.primaryblogger.co.uk/uncategorized/practising-for-our-christmas-performance/

Enjoy your weekend.

The Year One Team.



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Vehicles fit for a Queen!

November 27, 2015 at 6:16 pm


Year 1 have been busy designing vehicles for the queen. First the children looked at wheeled vehicles and thought about the queen’s requirements. Can your child show you the axle, axle holder and chassis on a toy car? Next the children created designs and practised joining materials. Year 1 used lots of skills to build their vehicles including, sawing, stapling and sticking. Did you know that pegs, paperclips, pipe cleaners and card can all be used to make axle holders? The finished carriages and cars are certainly suitable for royalty and there is not a pumpkin to be seen!

1GJ working hard and their finished vehicles…

1S working hard and their finished vehicles…

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Year One go back in time…

November 26, 2015 at 12:44 pm


We all had a great time at the museum and enjoyed exploring the Victorian streets.

1S at Abbey House on Wednesday…

1GJ at Abbey House on Thursday…

When we got back to the classroom we explored even more history and 1GJ created their own class museum…

Thank you to all of the  adults who supported us on our trips.


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Character descriptions, celebrations, subtraction, magnets and Queen Victoria!

November 20, 2015 at 4:49 pm


We have been busy thinking about characters in literacy this week. We have read the story ‘The Princess and the Wizard’ by Julia Donaldson.


The children then thought of great adjectives to describe the two main characters.

Then we moved onto writing a description of the characters and tried to remember everything we’ve learnt so far about sentence structure and using conjunctions. In handwriting, 1GJ have moved onto the ‘one armed robot’ family and practised how to form r,n and m correctly – remembering sticks and flicks. 1S will start this family of letters next week.

In maths we have been focusing on subtraction and finding the difference. The children used a number track to help them solve subtraction calculations. They have also been building towers using cubes and trying to find the difference. “If one tower has 8 cubes and the other has 12 cubes what is the difference?” Some children found this a bit tricky so may want to practise doing this practically again at home.

To support this learning please see the previous blog for some subtraction and addition games. http://ffy1.primaryblogger.co.uk/2015/11/18/addition-and-subtraction-support/

Our fantastic five challenges this week were –
1. Design a royal carriage
2. Subtraction challenges
3. Practise spelling the days of the week
4. Write about the coronation
5. Write adjectives about a character

In our history lesson we continued to learn about Queen Elizabeth and also found out about Queen Victoria. We looked at photographs of Kings and Queens who have reigned since Queen Victoria and put them on a timeline. Can your child remember any of them?

We have been busy investigating magnetism in our science lesson. The children had fun using various magnets to investigate and sort which materials were magnetic.

In R.E we thought very carefully about celebrations. We looked at how people from lots of different religions celebrate and how these celebrations have lots of things in common. We planned a celebration for our set of teddy bears. Can your child remember how people from different religions celebrate? Do people prepare special food? Do people wear special clothes? What else might people do to celebrate?

Remember we are going to Abbey House museum next Wednesday (1S) and Thursday (1GJ). This is a half day trip and we will be back in school for lunch as normal.

As part of our Christmas performance we are asking the children to learn a dance. Can you ‘Do the Strictly?’ Have fun at home practising this dance and thank you for your support.


Have a great weekend.

The Year 1 team

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