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Fun in Farsley

April 28, 2014 at 11:38 am

Year 1 had a wonderful walk to Farsley village today. The children used iPads to take photographs of different types of buildings. They saw a variety of homes including bungalows, semi-detached houses, terraced houses and flats. The children also looked at shops, cafes and the church.

Everyone posted a letter to their family, so watch out for something exciting landing on your doormat!

At school the children started to make models of the shops. Very soon there will be a whole parade of shops in the corridor between the two Year 1 classrooms.

Thank you to all the parents who helped on the visit. We really appreciate your support.

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The first week of the Summer term in 1D

April 27, 2014 at 12:55 pm

Dear Parents and Carers,

It was lovely to see the children back after the holidays – they seem to have all grown again! We had a busy 4 day week and have started our new geography topic. We started on Tuesday by looking for countries and places we knew or had visited on large world maps. We wrote labels for the maps and talked about the importance of capital letters for place names. In the second session we concentrated on the United Kingdom.We then used  Google maps to look at different campsites that I had visited and looked at postcodes and addresses.Thank you to all the children and parents who brought in maps, atlases and books in and photographs to add to our ‘where in the world have you been?’ display . In ICT the children were really interested to find different places using Google Earth on the ipads. They were especially excited to find their houses!

In literacy we have written letters which the children will be posting on Monday during their walk to Farsley town street.  Look out for the letters dropping through your letter box soon! Thank you to all the volunteers that are accompanying the class on the walk. The children are going to look at the different buildings in Farsley as part of our work about our immediate locality.


In Numeracy we have been looking once again at Place Value. We have looked at the values of hundreds, tens and units in 2 and 3 digit numbers. They have also filled in missing numbers on number squares using their knowledge of place value (for example knowing that the number to the right will be 1 more or the number above will be10 less).

Finally, Mrs Walker and Miss Morgan are working hard on the new role play area. We are having a campsite in the classroom! I am sure the children will be very excited when it is finished.

Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all when I am back in the classroom on Thursday!

Mrs Daniels and the 1D team.

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Another busy week in 1GJ

April 25, 2014 at 12:06 pm

It has been another busy week in 1GJ.  In literacy we have been learning how to write a letter. The children have all written a letter to their family and they are going to post it during our walk to Farsley.  Hopefully you should receive it in the post in the next few days! Thank you to all the parents who have offered to accompany us on this walk.

In numeracy we have had fun looking at the hundred square and filling in the missing numbers. Lots of children chose the harder activity and challenged themselves this week. We have also been learning about place value and the children are becoming more confident talking about the value of each digit. Maybe you could practise this at home – show your child a 2 digit or 3 digit number and can they tell you how many hundreds, tens and units it has?

We have begun our new topic based on geography. The children have really enjoyed looking at maps, globes and atlases and finding places they have visited. In ICT we have been using ‘Google Earth’ on the laptops and iPads. The children have loved this and there was great excitement when they found their own home! Thank you to everyone who has sent in photographs for our map display. It is in our cloakroom so have a look how many places the children in 1GJ have visited – we are a well-travelled class!

Our new school website has been launched and we have our own Year 1 blog –  www.farsleyfarfield.org.uk Please have a look and you are all welcome to add comments on our postings; the children will enjoy reading your comments and you can help them to add a comment.

Hope you all have a great weekend.
The 1GJ Team

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Open for business!

April 22, 2014 at 3:35 pm

imageThank you for sending packaging into school for the 1GJ supermarket. Today the children have been busy making labels for the shop. They have also found out about where in the world fruit and vegetables come from. The children are looking forward to the supermarket’s grand opening tomorrow .

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1GJ – Our tadpoles are growing!

April 14, 2014 at 8:03 pm

I hope that you are all having a lovely holiday and are enjoying the sunshine. Miles and his sister Evie are doing a great job of looking after our tadpoles. Look at the photograph to see how well they are growing – hopefully it won’t be long before they start to grow legs. How many tadpoles do you think we have in our tank? Miles’ mum has kindly offered to give a small prize to the child who guesses correctly – so get guessing! (Clue – there are more tadpoles in our tank than you can see in this picture) image

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1D and their beans!

April 10, 2014 at 9:14 am

On Wednesday the children visited the farm with Ms Howells. A few weeks ago we planted beans in different conditions to see whether the children’s predictions about what plants needed to grow well were correct. The children beans have all grown wonderfully – I am afraid the same can’t be said for the poor bean stuck in the cupboard with no light! If you ask your child, they may even remember what the plant needs to make it green and healthy!  As part of our new commitment in Science sessions to ‘working scientifically’, we are going to observe the beans’ growth over a much longer period of time. Ms Howells took the children to the poly tunnel and the beans have all been planted out – we are very excited to see their progress over the next few months and will hopefully get to eat them – Malik has recommended broad bean soup! I will add a few pictures to this blog entry and will keep you all updated on their progress.

The 1D team.

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The last week of the Spring term in 1D.

April 10, 2014 at 8:48 am

Dear Parents and Carers,
We had a lovely last week of the Spring term in 1D – its hard to believe that we only have one term left!
In Literacy the children finished their non-fiction books about chickens – these were sent home with the children on Friday and we hope you enjoyed reading them. We finished the information on ‘chicken personalities’, added a contents page and page numbers and some children worked on adding a glossary at the end. The children worked against the initial checklist they had made of what should be included in a good NF book and went through the books to make sure all these had been included. All writing has been independent and the children have worked hard to make sure their information is interesting ad informative for the reader. The children shared the books with their reading buddies from 5/6D on Thursday and with other members of the class on Friday – it was lovely to hear them being so supportive and complimentary about each others work.
In Numeracy we have consolidated our learning on number bonds, doubles, halves, lots of and sharing! the children played some fun Easter board games that tested their abilities to work out problems independently, using appropriate equipment. Again, I was really pleased with their work and how they tackled the problems.
On Thursday the children made Easter crafts with Mrs Walker and Easter nests with Miss Morgan. We left them out over night and when we looked in the morning the Easter Bunny had filled them with eggs!I have also been busy listening to all the children reading this week and am very happy with the progress they are making.
We are really pleased that Miss Morgan will be joining 1D full time after the Easter holidays. She has given up a lot of her time over the last few weeks volunteering in class in order to get to know the children better, and Mrs Walker and I are looking forward to her joining our team!
Enjoy the rest of the holidays,
Mrs Daniels.

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I’m a spring chicken!

April 4, 2014 at 2:55 pm

Phew what another busy half term! The children are all now definitely chicken experts!! It was lovely to see so many of you at our ‘Chicken event’ – we hope you all enjoyed it.

In literacy we have worked hard to put the finishing touches to our books. The children added their contents page, index and glossary and are all very proud of their finished books. We hope you enjoy reading them at home.

In numeracy the children have been using all their maths skills to solve problems using doubling, sharing, halving and number bonds. They also played an Easter treasure hunt game where they had to solve problems to move around a board – the winners got a mini egg! We have also been learning about repeating patterns and the children created patterns on an egg.

Our new school website has been launched and we have our own Year 1 blog –  www.farsleyfarfield.org.uk Please have a look and you are all welcome to add comments on our postings; the children will enjoy reading your comments and you can help them to add a comment.  In ICT the children have been looking at the new website and learning about e-safety. We have an e-safety page on our blog – just click on the cloud at the top of our page to find out more.

We have heard all the children read individually and are pleased with everyone’s progress. We have updated their book allocation on Bug Club.

Hope you all have a lovely Easter holiday.
The 1GJ Team

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1GJ visit from our reading buddies in 5H

April 3, 2014 at 1:09 pm

We had a lovely morning with our reading buddies from 5H. We read our fantastic chicken books to them and showed them our animations that we created on the iPads. We also entertained them with a song and gave them a yummy chocolate nest.

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1D and 5/6D Reading Buddies – April 2014

April 3, 2014 at 11:23 am

1D were visited by their reading buddies from 5/6D this morning and we were able to show them the fantastic non fiction books we have written about chickens. The children all seemed very impressed! Thank you for coming to see us 5/6D!

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