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September 29, 2014 at 3:42 pm

This week we are investigating vegetables in preparation for making soup.

Today we have been tasting, drawing and writing about vegetables. Look at all the fun we had…

Not all the plants we drew are vegetables. Can you spot any fruit?

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Seeds, seeds and more seeds!

September 26, 2014 at 2:26 pm

Today we have had lots of fun investigating different types of seeds. Can you ask your child about the seeds they explored and how they are dispersed?

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Giants in Year One!

September 26, 2014 at 1:15 pm

In literacy this week we have been reading the book ‘Once there were giants’ by Martin Waddell. The children enjoyed listening to the story and finding out that the giants were actually all the adults in the family. The children have been talking about what it was like when they were babies and who the giants are in their families. They then wrote sentences about being a baby and also about their ‘giants’. The children all tried hard to remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops and some children used conjunctions in their sentences such as ‘and’ and ‘then’.

In maths we have been using numicon to create our own addition calculations. The children recorded their calculations in their maths book. We have also been practising our number bonds – the pairs of numbers that make 10 e.g. 6+4=10 and 7+3=10. They enjoyed learning a number bond song. Maybe they could tell you all the number bonds at home?

In our topic work we enjoyed a walk around our super school grounds exploring all the trees. Who knew we had so many different species at our school? Have you had a go at our tree challenge on our separate blog post? The children are eagerly awaiting people to do their quiz. We have also been looking very carefully at lots of seeds from trees – the children enjoyed being scientists using magnifying glasses, tweezers and Petri dishes. They learnt about seed dispersal and sorted the seeds into different groups – seeds that are blown, seeds that are eaten, seeds that burst and drop and seeds that stick.

Please can you make sure that all your child’s clothing is clearly labelled. Our lost property basket has jumpers and cardigans in already. Please check if you think your child has lost an item of clothing – the basket is kept in the cloakroom area.

Your child may bring a pair of Wellington boots to leave in school so that they can still go on the grass during wet play times. Please make sure they are labelled and stored on the floor under their peg.

Remember it is individual photographs on Monday and the Harvest Festival on Friday morning.

Have a super weekend.
The Year 1 Team

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The Year 1 Tree Challenge

September 22, 2014 at 1:36 pm

Today we went for a walk round the school grounds. We saw lots of different trees and each learning hive adopted a tree – an alder tree, wild cherry, apple tree and silver birch. Over the year we will watch how they grow and change.

We collected lots of leaves on our walk and now we have a challenge for you. Can you name the trees by looking at their leaves?

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A buzzzzy afternoon!

September 19, 2014 at 9:24 pm

It was great to get up close to our busy bees. We had a very interesting visit. Ask someone in 1S what they learnt?

Mmmmmmmm. Delicious!

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How lucky are we?

September 19, 2014 at 7:06 pm


A wonderful afternoon of tree spotting and orchard exploring within school. We all got to eat a delicious, rosy red apple or a juicy plum too which we had picked straight from the trees. Amazing!

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What have we done in Year 1 this week?

September 19, 2014 at 11:04 am

This week in literacy the children have all enjoyed learning about ‘Nothing’ the poor little cat who got left in an attic. They all had fun showing and talking about their special soft toys. The children all drew and labelled a picture of the people who are in their family and they also drew super pictures of their special toy and wrote some sentences about them. They tried hard to form all the letters correctly and many children remembered to use finger spaces between each word.

In numeracy we have been practising our counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. They have also been doing various number tasks using numicon. The children also enjoyed making number tracks and putting missing numbers onto the track. They had lots of fun with the independent tasks this week – especially counting how many physical activities their partner could do in our outside area. They were hoola hooping and bouncing on space hoppers! Who knew maths could be so much fun

In our curriculum lessons we have been learning about family trees. The children found out what a family tree is and they talked about who is in their family.  They then used their photographs to create a 3D family tree – they are on display in our classrooms.

In our weekly science lesson our topic this half term is ‘Weather’. We have been learning about different types of weather and the children have been painting and drawing weather signs for our class weather charts. Over the next few weeks we will be creating a weather forecasting role play area in the 1S classroom and we’re sure the children will have fun presenting the weather! Maybe they could watch a weather forecast on TV to get some ideas for our new area? Their learning log homework is linked to our science lessons and we would like the children to think about what they would like to find out about the weather and any investigations they’d like to do.

Please can you make sure that all your child’s clothes are clearly labelled. We have lots of missing things already!

Remember that next Wednesday, 24th September is a training day and school will be closed to all the children.

Have a super weekend.

The Year 1 Team

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If you go down to the woods this weekend…

September 19, 2014 at 9:17 am

If you go down in the woods this weekend please can you look for seeds from trees?

If you find some bring them into school for a Science investigation and our nature tables.

What can you find out about the seeds?

Were the seeds on the ground or on the tree?

Are the seeds inside a fruit or an outer shell?

Can you name the seeds and the trees that they came from?

REMEMBER: Some seeds are poisonous. Never put them in your mouth and wash your hands after touching them.

Have fun being autumn adventurers and super scientists!

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Guess who in 1GJ?

September 12, 2014 at 2:48 pm

The children in 1GJ have all created a self portrait. They looked in a mirror and carefully painted their features.They are on display in our cloakroom area. Can you guess who is who?

group (1)

group (3) group (2) DSC02913 DSC02912 DSC02911 DSC02909 DSC02908

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Another busy week in Year 1

September 12, 2014 at 11:10 am

This week we have been busy hearing all the children read and they were excited to get a reading record. Are they enjoying reading at home? Remember they don’t need to read a whole book every night – little and often is best! Your child can change their book before and after school and we will remind them on a Friday to get a new book for the weekend.
We have also been assessing each child’s maths knowledge and we have been impressed with how much lots of them already know. Next week we will start our Year 1 curriculum and the children will be working in small groups with an adult and also independently during our literacy and maths lessons. We will also begin our daily phonic sessions and guided reading.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their first ICT lesson. They all had their own laptop and were taught how to log on using their own password and username.

Thank you to everyone who has sent in family tree photographs. Your child will need them for our topic sessions next week. Your child also needs to bring a soft toy to school on Wednesday and Thursday – see our separate post.

Please make sure that your child’s PE kit is on their peg as many children didn’t have them this week. We will be doing PE twice a week.

The children also need to bring their library book back every Friday ready to choose a new one.

Thank you to everyone who has left comments on our blog – the children have enjoyed reading them.

Have a lovely weekend.
The Year 1 Team

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