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Pictures speak louder than words…

Wednesday 21st January | 20 comments

So much fun in the snow with Year One today.  We all loved it and it is perfect for our fantasy setting work in Literacy!


20 responses to “Pictures speak louder than words…”

  1. Claire Higgins says:

    Looks like fun. Wish I wasn’t at work!!!!!

  2. Daniel's mum says:

    Daniel had great fun before he had to come home! Thank you for the experience of playing in the snow.

  3. Laura's mum says:

    Looks like Laura had lots of fun too!

  4. daisys mum says:

    Looks good fun, and there looks to be some very cold hands and cheeks.

  5. Lisa says:

    Great snowmen.

  6. Lewis' mum says:

    Looks like you all hard fun.x

  7. Katie NW's mum says:

    Katie had great fun in the snow and it looks awesome….much better than proper lessons!!!!

  8. Umayr's mum says:

    Wow what wonderful fun!!

  9. Sarah mum says:

    Fab day.looks like they had fun.

  10. Harry P.'s Mum says:

    This looks like great fun! Harry said he really enjoyed it and he hopes it snows again!

  11. Brooke's mum says:

    Brooke had lots of fun in the snow

  12. Harry S says:

    I had fun in the snow. I had fun having a snowball fight with my friends. and I pretended my oringe was a snowball.

  13. Svana mum says:

    Svana enjoyed her day in the snow. She told me she had lots of fun making Olaf.

  14. Jenny Scott says:

    I had lots of fun in the snow. I had a snowball fight with all my friends. I pretended my orange was a snowball. Harry S

  15. Isaac's Mum says:

    Isaac had such fun in the snow-he’s been in his element!

  16. George H says:

    Today has been the best day ever at school

  17. Stevie says:

    The snow has been great and lots of fun

  18. Amanda Campbell says:

    Corday had lots of fun playing in the snow, his favourite part was the snow ball fights!

  19. Jacob E's Mum says:

    Jacob had lots of fun making a snowman. He wished it snowed all the time! Mummy doesn’t though! X

  20. Srihan's Mum says:

    Srihan has been having loads of fun in the snow and he really enjoyed sledging down the slope today!Thanks for letting them enjoy winter in all its icy splendour!

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