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A busy first week back and some super learning in Year One!

Friday 5th June | 3 comments

In maths this week we have been busy developing our place value skills. We have used Dienes equipment and arrow cards to help us partition numbers into hundreds, tens and units. Some children were extended to looking at 4 digit numbers such as 1653. Can your child partition this number? ( 1 thousand, 6 hundreds, 5 tens and 3 units.) This link might help!

In literacy we have focused on the story ‘Sharing a shell’ by Julia Donaldson. The children used some great adjectives to describe two scenes from the book. There were some brilliant descriptions such as ‘bright, glittering rolling waves’ and ‘soft, golden sand’. Some children enjoyed using alliteration in their sentences such as the ‘shiny, sparkly sun silently shone’. Can your child remember what alliteration means and give an example?  We then met Captain Conjunction! We had to impress him by thinking of different conjunctions instead of always writing ‘and’. The children used because, but, so, if and however to make their sentences more interesting. Click here for a fun game we have played.


Thank you to everyone who has written a speech bubble to go on our world maps. Wow! Year 1 have travelled to some amazing places! We have photographs from holidays in India, Mexico, Germany, France, Scarborough and London. The children are enjoying reading the speech bubbles.

We have also enjoyed investigating what human and physical features are in Geography. Can you explore your local environment for more examples?

Please can you make sure that your child has an outdoor PE kit with appropriate footwear.

Your child has brought home a letter about visiting Blackhill Woods. This is the last trip in Year 1 – we hope that lots of parents can come and join in the fun with us too. Please let your teacher know if you can support us on this trip.

Have a great weekend. The Year 1 Team


3 responses to “A busy first week back and some super learning in Year One!”

  1. peterharris says:

    What a busy first week! Keep working hard Year 1!

  2. Vicky Martin says:

    Well done, that is excellent learning.

  3. Huzaifah says:

    This was fun I like dooing ten and yoonits it was fun

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