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1GJ had fun in the woods!

Wednesday 14th October | 6 comments

1GJ had a great time at the nature reserve at Denso Marston. Steve, the tree expert, taught us lots of new things. First we went on a berry hunt and found lots of different types including blackthorn sloes, elderberries and rosehips. Next we went exploring and looking for leaves. Can your child remember what they found? Then it was lunchtime – we were all very hungry! After lunch we met some tree boggarts! Finally we collected leaves and created our own pictures of boggarts using the leaves. It was a great trip. Thank you very much to all the parents who came with us – we hope you enjoyed it too.

Tomorrow we will be writing a recount of our trip in our special writing achievement books. This will be our assessed piece of writing for this half term. We will also be creating leaf sculptures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.

6 responses to “1GJ had fun in the woods!”

  1. Sheila Singh (Ashwins mum) says:

    The children are having a great time exploring and learning about the environment.. Ashwin had lots to talk about when he got home. He enjoyed the tree hunting and picking the rose berries off the trees.

  2. Karen Chaudhari - Nathan's Mum says:

    A great day out…thanks for letting me join you 1GJ. You were very knowledgeable about trees and I’m sure you learnt lots of new and interesting things from Steve. The boggarts were very creative too!

  3. Anna Pritchard (Olivia's mum) says:

    Looks like you had a fun trip 1GJ! Sorry I couldn’t join you. Olivia happily told me about how you hugged the trees that were frowning, how lovely! Using the information sheet the children were given on the trip, me and Olivia did a tree and berry spot on the way home! Olivia said that she had a good time, but her favourite part was lunch time!!!

  4. Lindsay Wallwork says:

    Abigail had a great time and has asked if we can go berry hunting at the weekend.

  5. Fiona redshaw, Harriet's mummy says:

    It looks like 1GJ had a fabulous trip. I really liked the boggarts, they are mischievous little things. Harriet told me all about the trip, she had a wonderful time.

  6. Jakob (and his mum) says:

    Thank you for letting my mum come on the trip. We both had a really good time. :o)

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