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Leaves, trees, fresh air, exploring and best of all BOGGARTS!

Thursday 15th October | 6 comments

1S all had a brilliant time at the Nature Reserve at Denso Marstons.

Steve, the warden, was an excellent guide and knew lots of interesting facts about trees. First we went exploring and looking for leaves.  The children enjoyed collecting and sorting leaves and Steve was impressed by their knowledge as lots of children could name the leaves and trees they found. Next we went on a berry hunt and found lots of different types including elderberries, rosehips and even a few juicy blackberries. Then it was time for lunch and the children were very excited about their packed lunches! Finally, the children had great fun creating and looking for ‘Boggarts’ – ask your child to tell you what one is? Maybe you have one living in your garden?

Thank you very much to all the parents who came on the visit with us – we hope you enjoyed it too. We really appreciate your help!

6 responses to “Leaves, trees, fresh air, exploring and best of all BOGGARTS!”

  1. Claire, Phoebe's mum says:

    Glad the weather cleared up for you!

    Phoebe and I had a good discussion last night on the relative merits of Denso wood boggarts and Harry Potter boggarts!!

  2. Melissa (Lillie's Mum) says:

    Great day out, I loved it, especially the tree hugging, spotting some hibernating newts and a heron!

  3. Karan (Joven's mum) says:

    The pictures show the children really enjoyed themselves and had a great day out! Joven said he loved exploring the nature reserve!

  4. Nahed (Aaminahs Mum) says:

    The pictures are fantastic and what a great way to learn about nature. Aaminah had lots of fun. Well done 1S!

  5. Kirsty (Charlie's Mum) says:

    It was lovely to share the blog with Charlie this week – so many exciting things – Charlie was shattered by Friday! I really enjoyed the trip and it was great to see all the children working together and using their imaginations with the boggarts – thank you!

  6. Sarah (Erin's Mum) says:

    Erin had a lovely trip to the nature reserve. She said Steve was amazing and knew everything about trees! She loved the tree hugging!

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