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1GJ – Do you dare enter the spooky castle?

Thursday 29th October | 5 comments

Look at our new exciting role play area – The Spooky Castle. There are lots of interesting objects in the jars for you to use to invent your own potions and mix them in a cauldron. Eyeball and finger soup? Snake and centipede smoothies? Watch out for the giant spider who will be keeping an eye on you!

On Monday we will be doing lots of fun alphabet activities. Can you say all the letters of the alphabet? Can you write any capital letters?

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.
Enjoy the rest of your holiday.
Mrs Galbraith, Mrs James and Mrs Booth

5 responses to “1GJ – Do you dare enter the spooky castle?”

  1. Sandeep Kaur says:

    Raman is very excited to explore in the new play area.

  2. Harsharan says:

    I’m looking forward to do this activity!

  3. Karen Chaudhari (Nathan's Mum) says:

    This looks AMAZING! What a great way to get to grips with your alphabet…watch out for that spider though!!

  4. Sheila Singh (Ashwins mum) says:

    Wow!!! Creepy crawly spooky classroom, the children will have a great time exploring….

  5. Kirsty (Charlie's mum) says:

    It looks like you have all be finding lots of facts abot Queen Elizabeth. Charlie was able to tell us that Queen Elizabeth likes dogs!

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