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New style blog

April 29, 2016 at 2:56 pm

Our blog has had a change of style and is having a make over so watch this space!

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Another busy week!

April 29, 2016 at 2:28 pm

In literacy this week we have been focusing on plurals. The children did various tasks and have been looking at the spelling patterns. They matched singular and plural words and sorted them according to their endings s/es/ies.

1GJ also wrote a recount about their visit to the nature reserve, 1S will do this task next week following their visit. (Please see our separate blog post for photographs from 1GJ’s trip). In our handwriting session we practised joining up ai, ee and ng cursively. We have also read in our guided reading groups.

In maths we have been doing missing number calculations. The children used counters to help them work out which number was missing e.g 6 + ? = 13 or ? + 9 = 15.

1S have enjoyed a day of design and technology. They got a letter from the three billy goats gruff who needed their help to build a new bridge. They began by looking at photographs of various bridges and exploring construction kits to build a bridge. They then moved onto building their own bridges using a variety of recycled materials. Finally, they tested and evaluated their bridges. Was their bridge strong? Did it look good but most of all did it keep the goats safe?  1GJ will do this activity next week so please keep sending in cardboard tubes, boxes, yogurt pots etc.

In our science lessons the children have used magnifying glasses to look carefully at plants and labelled parts of them. We also learnt about the life cycle of a bean. They have also started an investigation. They planted runner beans so that we can record where they grow best and what conditions they need to grow. They thought carefully about fair testing.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend – see you all on Tuesday and remember 1S have their school trip to Rodley Nature Reserve then.
The Year 1 Team

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1GJ at Rodley Nature Reserve

April 26, 2016 at 7:23 pm

1GJ have had a brilliant day at the nature reserve despite the freezing weather. We have never been pond dipping in the snow before!! Thank you very much to the parents who supported us on our trip.

In the morning we explored the nature reserve and had fun collecting objects to go on our sticky boards. We also spent time in the various hides looking carefully for wildlife on the lagoons. We were very lucky and spotted a heron, swans and baby moorhens.

We all enjoyed our lunch in the warmth of the nature reserve and sang “Happy Birthday” to Mrs James.

In the afternoon we all had a turn at pond dipping. We caught snails, tadpoles, water boatmen, damson fly larvae and stickleback fish. We were taught how to use binoculars correctly and did some bird spotting. Some children were very lucky and saw an owl. We also had a talk from Peter the bee keeper – he told us lots of great facts about bees. Have you tasted the honey that your child brought home?

We are so lucky to have the nature reserve so close to our school. It is an amazing place and the volunteers are all so enthusiastic.

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Magic beans and working on our farm!

April 22, 2016 at 2:22 pm

What a busy and fun first week back we have had. The children have had lot of fun exploring our new role play areas. Thank you to everyone who has sent in or emailed photographs of the children with their pets.

The children were very excited to receive a letter from Jack asking them for help to plant his magic beans. They had lots of fun on the school farm, working with the older children, planting the beans. Will they grow? What might be at the top of them? We have also been busy planting lots of other seeds. We are going to look after them in our classrooms and then transfer them to the polytunnels when they are strong enough.

These photographs show that we had a great afternoon on the school farm. We dug out the weeds, fed the chickens, planted seeds, watered plants, flattened soil and even harvested. How lucky are Farsley Farfield children!?

In literacy we’ve been reading different versions of Jack and the beanstalk and had fun doing some drama and hot seating the giant and Jack. We then created word banks to describe both characters and some children used a thesaurus to find more interesting adjectives. We then moved onto creating ‘Wanted’ posters to help us find the giant. The children used some great words to describe the giant such as greedy, enormous, bossy and demanding.

We have also read in our guided reading groups and have begun to join up cursively in our handwriting lesson. We have done a practise phonic test to see how well the children are doing ready for the screening in June.

In maths we have been using our addition and subtraction skills to help us solve worded problems. The children used drawings to help them answer each problem e.g There were 6 birds on a branch. 5 more landed on it. How many were there altogether?

We also have some new visitors to our classroom. We went to our school pond and collected some tadpoles. Hopefully, they will turn into froglets and then frogs. Then they can join the other frogs in our pond at the end of the summer term just as the Year One children will be getting ready to join Year Two!

Please bring any junk materials such as cereal boxes and yogurt pots into Year One on Monday for our bridge building day. Thank you.

Have a super weekend.
The Year 1 Team

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Welcome back Year 1

April 15, 2016 at 10:00 am

We have another busy and exciting half term ahead. We have planned lots of super activities, trips and visitors.

In literacy we are focussing on Traditional Stories including Jack and the beanstalk and the Three Billy Goats Gruff. We will be looking carefully at the characters and using lots of adjectives to describe them. We will also be writing our own versions of traditional stories. Our Design and Technology this half term will be linked to literacy and we will be designing and creating bridges for the Billy Goats to use. We will continue with our guided reading and phonic sessions and will be revising all the digraphs in preparation for the phonic screening in June. In our grammar lessons we will be learning about prefixes, suffixes and plurals.

In maths we are using our addition and subtraction skills to solve worded problems and missing number calculations e.g. 6 + ? = 10 and ? – 5 = 3. We will also be revisiting multiplication and division.

In science we are beginning by learning about seeds, plants and life cycles. We will be visiting the school farm to plant lots of seeds. Look out for them growing in the Year 1 corridor. We will also be learning about animals – types, habitats and life cycles. Our trip to Rodley Nature Reserve and the ‘Animals in Tuition’ workshop will support our science work this half term. Please can you make sure that your child has a pair of Wellington boots in school as we will be visiting the farm during the first week and the grounds are still muddy.

Our PPA time will be on a Wednesday and will be taught by Mrs Cruse. She will be teaching RE, music and ICT.

Phew! Another exciting half term in Year 1! We are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.

The Year 1 team

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Look what is happening in 1GJ

April 13, 2016 at 4:11 pm

We have been busy getting the classroom ready for the next half term. Paws and Claws Pet Shop is fully stocked – we just need some customers. We are looking forward to seeing the photographs of the children with their pets. You can email your photographs to [email protected] or [email protected] and we can print them.

We also have a tank ready for some visitors. What do you think we might put in it?

It’s going to be another busy and exciting term in Year 1 with a trip to Rodley Nature Reserve and a visit from an animal expert.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Mrs James, Mrs Galbraith and Mrs Booth

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A busy two weeks in Year 1

April 1, 2016 at 2:33 pm

Thank you to all of the children (and parents) who took the time and effort to make a decorated egg this Easter. Wow! Such an amazing range of styles, colours and ideas and they all were fantastic! It was a very difficult decision to pick a winner but well done to Alice and Nathan. There was also a surprise entry that some of you may recognise…

The children have all enjoyed their maths lessons during the last two weeks. They have done lots of fun and practical measuring tasks. They have used metre rulers and trundle wheels to measure length with more accuracy, they’ve explored capacity using non standard and standard units, they’ve weighed the mass of various objects and used calendars and vocabulary related to time e.g today, yesterday, a week from now, a month ago. They have used millilitres, metres, centimetres, metres, grams and kilograms. They could practise their measuring at home e.g baking, filling up different cups and jugs, drawing a chalk line and measuring it.

In literacy we have completed our chicken books and also independently written chicken facts for our end of term writing assessment. Most children remembered to use capital letters, full stops, conjunctions and adjectives. We have heard all the children read individually and updated their books on ‘Bug Club’.

In ICT we have created our front and back covers for our chicken books using the laptops.

It was lovely to see so many of you at our ‘Spring Chicken Event’ this morning. We hope you all enjoyed sharing our books, watching the movies and eating the yummy chocolate nests.

These are our wonderful videos – watch out Hollywood!

Thank you for all your support.

Just a little joke from Stan to finish off a brilliant term … “Why did the banana go to the doctors? Because he wasn’t peeling very well!”

Have a lovely holiday – we hope the sun shines.

The Year 1 Team

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