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A sandwich and a lighthouse for our lighthouse keeper!

June 30, 2017 at 12:01 pm

We have had a brilliant week in Literacy as we have been writing instructions. We have been learning about ordering instructions, bossy verbs, time connectives and adverbs such as ‘carefully’ and ‘slowly.’ We wrote our instructions after we each planned, designed and made a delicious sandwich. The children remembered capital letters and full stops and wrote very neatly. We then made wonderful lighthouses with an actual glowing light and again the children wrote instructions about how to construct them. Some very impressive writing came from some very impressive teamwork, design technology and science. Well done Year One! Can you child tell you how to make a lighthouse?

Making sandwiches…

Making lighthouses…

1GJ have created a display of all their great work about the lighthouse keeper and his lunch. It even has lots of pesky seagulls on it!

In maths this week we have had lots of fun exploring money. We’ve played money games, had a fruit shop, did some coin rubbings and ordered coins and notes. Some children moved on to adding money and giving change. Can your child practise using money this weekend? Using real money in real situations in the best way to help your child learn.

In our geography lessons we have begun to learn about the continents and oceans of the world.  We discussed where children had been on holidays and what the weather was like. We then looked at the 7 continents of the world. How many continents can your child remember? Can you help your child to learn the continents and oceans of the world?

Today it was the S factor grand final. The children representing Year One were super stars. Well done to you both as you were very confident and brave to perform with such a huge audience. We are all extremely proud of you. Well done to Florence who was the overall winner in Key Stage One. Enjoy your day out! Click here to see photos from this brilliant event.

Just a couple of reminders:

On Wednesday 5th July the children in Year 1 will be having a talk from the RNLI. This is linked to our geography and history topic work. The RNLI is a very worthwhile charity and we are going to give them a donation from Farsley Farfield. If your child would like to support this charity they can bring a small donation on that day that we can give to the volunteer.

On Thursday 6th July we are having a skipping workshop so please can you ensure your child has their P.E kit in school.

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you at the fantastic school camp over.

The Year One Team.

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Busy bees, dotty division, sneaky seagulls and a super S factor!

June 23, 2017 at 11:07 am

A real highlight of the week was our S Factor auditions. Year One have had some super scientists showing off and a variety of scientific experiments and explanations were on display! Thank you to all of the children who participated in our class S Factor and well done! The children performed independently and confidently and we were all very impressed.

1S scientists

1GJ scientists

Our winners were decided by the whole class and they are Florence and Naoh A. They are going through to the final which will be held on Friday 30th of June. A huge well done to you both.

In Literacy we looked at the story ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.’ The children then planned and wrote their own story about a zookeeper who was also having trouble with pesky animals stealing his lunch. The children thought of some great ideas and enjoyed thinking of how they could solve the problem.

In maths we have been looking at division and the children have been taught how to record division calculations and how to use the symbol ÷. The children enjoyed doing lots of practical division and sharing objects on division mats. We then moved onto word problems.  Click here for a fun game. Some children also looked at grouping objects into sets. Click here for a game.

On Wednesday we were lucky enough to listen to an interesting talk about our school bees by Mrs Gilhooley and Mrs Laurie – thank you to you both. We safely got up close to 100s of bees and found out lots of interesting facts. Can your child remember what they learnt?

This week we have also been on a whistle stop tour around the British Isles. The children have enjoyed learning lots of facts about each country. Can they show you on a map where England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are? Can they remember the capital cities and describe the flags?

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year One team.


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Buckets, maps, multiplying and reading success!

June 16, 2017 at 12:15 pm

A very pleasing week. I think the Headteacher’s blog says it all…

“This week, Year 1 have been having their phonic tests. Although the pass mark hasn’t been announced yet, we are confident that this cohort will achieve our best ever results. This is testament to the hard work of our staff who have ‘upped the ante’ as regards phonics this year. Crucially though, partnership with parents has been crucial: some of the progress has been spectacular and we know that practice at home has really helped.”

The children should be very proud of themselves and all of the Year One staff are extremely proud of them. Well done!

In literacy we have been reading the story ‘Billy’s Bucket’.

The children had fun creating their own fantasy setting that was at the bottom of their bucket. They thought of some amazing places including fairgrounds, planets, magical castles and tropical islands. They then used adjectives to describe their setting. Next, we moved onto planning our stories using a story mountain and then finally we wrote our stories independently. The children all tried very hard and wrote some fantastic fantasy stories.

In Geography we created our own maps of Farsley or a fantasy land and used a key to add physical and human features.

In maths we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We then used arrays and bar models to help work out multiplication number sentences such as 2 x 5 = 10 or 4 lots of 10 = 40 . We are learning the x2, x5 and x10 times table.

Year 1 are going to be making their own lighthouses! We need lots of empty, clean 1 litre and 2 litre plastic bottles please.  Thank you.

Also don’t forget we are holding our S-factor auditions next Thursday.

Have a super weekend and enjoy the sunshine.

The Year One Team.

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A busy first week back

June 9, 2017 at 1:05 pm

We have had a busy first week back. In literacy, we have been busy reading and performing summer and seaside poems. We began by reading lots of poems in our hive groups and then chose one to practise and perform to the rest of the class. This was good fun and some children really enjoyed performing!

We then moved onto writing our own group poems about summer. The children thought of some great ideas. Finally we wrote our own individual poems.

We have started our geography topic ‘Wonderful World’ and began by discussing what geography is and used globes, maps, Google Earth and atlases to help us.

We went for a walk in our local area and spotted lots of human features. We discussed and compared our local area to a seaside resort. Can you child discuss what the similarities and the differences are?

Thank you to the parents that came along with us – we really appreciate it. Over the two days we experienced quite different weather conditions!

1GJ on their wet walk…

1S on their sunny walk…

We have also been looking at aerial maps in our geography lessons. In their hive groups the children worked together to label an aerial photograph of our school and its grounds.

In maths the children have been solving one-step addition and subtraction problems. Together we wrote a top tip list to help other children solve word problems. Can your child remember the top tips?

We have also been busy creating flags for the upcoming Farsley Festival. This year’s Farsley Festival is taking place at Hainsworth Park on Saturday 24th June and our flags will be on display there. We hope to see you there!

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year One team

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Welcome back for the final half term in Year 1

June 2, 2017 at 6:26 am

We have been busy planning another exciting half term. We have new role play areas – 1GJ have a cafe and 1S have a fruit and vegetable shop. There is also a seaside area and rock pool in 1GJ.

In Literacy we will begin with a week of reading, writing and performing poetry about summer and the seaside. We will then read Billy’s Bucket and the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch and look at settings. Our Design and Technology lessons are linked to Literacy and we will be designing and making our own sandwiches and writing instructions about how to make them.

In Maths we will continue to develop our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. Then we will finish the year with two weeks of money and a week of measurement.

We will be looking at lots of maps, globes and atlases in our Geography lessons. We will compare Farsley to the seaside. Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to join us on our local Farsley walks – we still need more helpers please! The children will also learn about human and physical features, aerial maps, keys and how to use a compass. They will also look at World maps and name the oceans and continents. Can your child already name any of them?

We will be learning about Grace Darling in our History lessons. We have arranged a visit from the RNLI who will talk about their work and water safety.

In Science we will be learning more about types of plants. We also have a free workshop booked with the RSPB – where we will have fun being ‘Science Detectives’ and explore our amazing school grounds with an expert! Don’t forget the ‘S Factor’ competition – auditions will be held during the week beginning the 19th June. (Details will be sent home during the first week back.)

We also have our trip to Blackhill Woods, pirate day, sports day and a skipping workshop to look forward to.

Phew!! Another action packed half term in Year 1.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.

The Year 1 Team



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