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Vegetable fun in Year 1!

Friday 28th September | 1 comment

In literacy we read the story Oliver’s Vegetables. Click here for an online version.

We then tasted lots of vegetables and used adjectives to describe them. Can your child remember what an adjective is? The children then wrote sentences about which vegetables they liked and didn’t liked! Some children were extended and used adjectives in their writing and they thought of some great describing words such as crunchy cabbage, sloppy spinach and sour, sticky rhubarb.

In phonics we have revised th, ng, ai, oa. In our key skill lessons we practised forming the letters e, f and s and the digits 6, 7 and 8 correctly. We have also learnt how to read and write the following common exception words – be, we, she, he.

We have also looked at pieces of art by Cezanne. The children then used different media to create their own pictures of vegetables. These will be on display in our classrooms.

In maths we have been ordering numbers and thinking about using the vocabulary greater, greatest, less, least, bigger, smaller, larger, largest. We have also been comparing them using these words. We played a great game to help us practise this skill. We have also been using maths apparatus to make pictures. We will be using the cuisinaire rods, like we do with Numicon, to help us work with numbers. Here are some of our creations:

Click on the picture below. You can slide the smallest and largest hexagons to change the number range. Try up to 20 first and then increase the largest number if you’ve mastered it.

In our computing lesson,  we have been thinking about computer safety. We read the story ‘Chicken Clicking’ to help us think about what is safe when using the computer and the internet and what good choices we can make to stay safe.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on the Year 1 blog – the children really enjoy reading them. You can click on the ‘thumbs up’ symbol if you have liked reading this post.

Remember we are making soup on Wednesday 3rd October – everyone is welcome to come and enjoy it from 2.30pm in the dining hall. We will be going to the school farm that day, so if possible please can your child bring a pair of wellington boots to school.

Have a super weekend.

The Year 1 Team


One response to “Vegetable fun in Year 1!”

  1. Annie’s mum says:

    What a great week you’ve had! I am looking forward to tasting your soup on Wednesday!

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