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A ‘real artist’ in Year 1!

Friday 1st February | 1 comment

The highlight of the week was when a real artist came to work with us. What an amazing day we had! Kate Park taught us how to create our unique pieces of glass art work. First the children looked at artwork by the artist Pacita Abad and planned their designs. Then carefully, using tweezers, they placed the different types of glass onto their work. Can they remember what all the types looked like? Stringers, frits and confetti. Kate has taken the finished pieces home to fire in her kiln. The finished pieces will be on display in our art gallery on the 14th February.

For more information look at Kate’s website – www.twicefired.co.uk. A huge thank you to Kate Park – we all enjoyed the brilliant glass workshop.

We have read the story Katie and the Dinosaurs in our literacy lessons. Katie goes through a door which has a sign on it saying: ” Absolutely No Admittance Whatsoever”.

This story inspired us to use our imagination and create our own fantasy settings behind a door – we had alien moons, unicorn world, sweetie lands and lots more exciting places! The children drew and labelled their setting using some great ‘right choice’ words. Then they wrote about their lands using adjectives and conjunctions.

In phonics we have focused on air, ure, ar, or, aw, au. 

In maths we used our number bond knowledge to help us with our addition! We used lots of different equipment to split numbers up making them much easier to add. We have really enjoyed singing and dancing to The Number Bond Rock!

Can your child spot the mistake that Dexter has made here?-

We all enjoyed our dance lesson with Mrs Campbell. This week we danced to music from India.

In PSHE we have been thinking about roles and responsibilities. We began by doing a ‘Talk with your feet’ task. The children were shown a picture of someone doing a job e.g. tidying a bedroom and had to decide whose responsibility it was – parents, children, people who work at school or everyone. It led to some great discussions. We then wrote a class set of responsibilities which included tidying our classrooms, helping setting the table at home and saving the World!!

We enjoyed sharing our T Rex books with our Year 6 reading buddies. They were very impressed with them!

On Friday we were very excited to wake up to snow and we had a fabulous time in our outdoor area!

Have a super weekend,

The Year 1 Team

One response to “A ‘real artist’ in Year 1!”

  1. Annie Preston’s mum says:

    Annie really enjoyed doing the art projects, especially the glass work!

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