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Money, Money, Money!

June 28, 2019 at 2:49 pm

This week the children have become money experts! Money can be a particularly difficult topic for Year 1 however the children have been amazing. We have played lots of fun games to help us remember the value of each coin. We used pictures of money to make our very own money characters.  Next time you go shopping you can relax as the children will be able to do all the maths for you!

Year 1 have gone seagull crazy this week! Lots of the children picked them as their favourite characters in the ‘Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’ and so this week we have made pesky seagulls! We have ordered and followed instructions. To check that we had ordered the steps of the instructions correctly we followed them and made our own flocks of seagulls – hope they don’t eat our lunch!

We have finished writing our own mini books. We had fun acting out the story and trying mustard! Look at our faces!!

We have also learnt how to spell the months of the year and carried on practising the Year 1 words. Keep playing the games on Spelling Shed – 1G are currently top of the school leader board!

In PSHE we have been looking at teamwork. We have been discussing what makes a successful team – understanding that failure is just as important as succeeding, as long as you learn from it.

We watched this short film to help fuel our discussion:

The children were set the task, in hive groups, to travel across the hall on two PE mats. They weren’t allowed to touch the floor and if they did they had to start all over again! The first attempt was interesting! Not a lot of communication meant a few mistakes! It was great to see their grit and determination and their communication skills the second time around. They definitely learnt by their mistakes!

Today we have all enjoyed the S Factor Grand Final. It was a super morning of science.

We have been busy exploring circuits. Can you make the lighthouse bulb light up? Can you make the buzzer work to warn the ships? We also made ‘dancing rain’.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 1 Team

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Lighthouses, more place value and S Factor excitement in Year 1!

June 21, 2019 at 2:56 pm

In maths, we have been continuing with our work on place value. We have been representing tens and ones in different ways to help us prove if a number is right or wrong. For example: 36 = 30 + 6  NOT 36 = 3 + 6!

We have assigned some activities on Mathletics to help practise partitioning.

During literacy we have really enjoyed reading ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’ by Ronda and David Armitage.

In our first lesson we read the beginning of the story and then rewrote it in our very own mini books. We also had lots of fun using props and puppets to act out the story. The children considered the vocabulary used by the authors and gave the story their own twists with some fantastic adjectives! Later in the week we discussed the problem faced by the characters. Can your child remember which sneaky character was stealing The Lighthouse Keeper’s lunch?

In phonics this week we have been practising some key words that are often a bit too tricky to sound out – such as come, some, was, saw, said. We have also worked on spelling the days of the week and number names. There are games on Spelling Shed to help them practise all these words.

All the children enjoyed our S Factor auditions. Well done to everyone who took part – you were all super scientists! Ben and Seb will be representing Year 1 in the grand final next week.

In 1G the children are having fun exploring the light box.

In computing we have been using our direction skills to direct characters in games. We used Purple Mash. The children really enjoyed this and can continue this at home if they would like.

In our geography lessons we have been learning about the continents and oceans of the world.  We discussed where children had been on holidays and what the weather was like. We then looked at the 7 continents of the world. How many continents can your child remember? Can you help your child learn the continents and oceans of the world? We tested our knowledge by doing a fun quiz on Kahoot.

We have learnt a song all about the continents:

Have a super weekend,

The Year 1 Team

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Buckets, place value, maps and phonic success in Year 1!

June 14, 2019 at 1:10 pm

In literacy, we have been reading the story ‘Billy’s Bucket’. The children had fun creating their own fantasy setting that was at the bottom of their bucket. They thought of some amazing places including fairgrounds, planets, magical castles and tropical islands. They then used adjectives to describe their setting.

Thank you for all your support with phonics. The children have completed the screening and they all tried their best. We are very proud of them all – well done Year 1!

In maths we have been looking at place value, focusing numbers up to 100 and beyond. We have been using the dienes to represent 2-digit numbers and then used this to help us create simple addition calculations. We have been using the word ‘partition’ to explain this.

e.g: 34 is 3 tens and 4 ones


‘We have partitioned 34 into it’s tens and ones. We have 3 lots of 10 and 4 lots of one.’


30 + 4 = 34 or 34= 30 + 4

Image result for dienes

In geography we have learnt about the British Isles. The children have enjoyed learning facts about each country. Can they show you on a map where England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are? Can they remember the capital cities and describe the flags?

We used the website above to help us remember what and where the countries and their capital cities are. We had fun making our own Union Jack flags.

In our science lesson, we had fun creating and testing our own parachutes. The children learnt about gravity pulling the parachute down and how the air gets trapped underneath it and slows it down.

1B have changed their science experiment of the week and are now investigating ramps. They had a fantastic time switching materials and are looking forward to continuing this work next week.

We are looking forward to our S Factor class auditions on Wednesday. Please make sure that your child brings everything they need for their science experiment that day.

Apologies for the PE confusion last week. We are very lucky this term as we have a cricket coach coming in to work with us on Monday afternoons! We are really enjoying these sessions and therefore our PE days will now be Monday and Thursday for the remainder of the term. Ideally, these sessions will be outside since we are now well into the summer term although this will, of course, be weather dependent.

On Thursday this week we enjoyed a yoga lesson. The children (and staff!) have worked so hard this week so some relaxation time was exactly what we needed.

The gingerbread man must know that we have been learning about the UK as this week he has sent postcards from Bath, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. Is he on his way back to Farsley?

Have a lovely weekend – hope it stops raining!

The Year 1 Team

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Fun with poetry!

June 7, 2019 at 1:33 pm

We have had a busy first week back. In literacy we have been reading and performing summer and seaside poems. We began by reading lots of poems in our hive groups and then chose one to practise and perform to the rest of the class on the stage. This was good fun and some children really enjoyed performing!

We then moved onto writing our own group poems about summer. The children thought of some great ideas.

In phonics we have revised all the phonemes in preparation for the screening next week – enjoy playing the new dice game over the weekend.

In maths we have expanded our fractions knowledge and started to find fractions of numbers. The children used half and quarter mats with cubes to support their learning and enjoyed problem solving. Can your child remember how many equal groups they made when quartering a number?

Mr Sharp has been teaching in Year 1 this week and the children thoroughly enjoyed their seaside themed music lesson with him.

We have started our geography topic ‘Wonderful World’ and began by discussing what geography is and used globes, maps, Google Earth and atlases to help us. The children discussed and sorted human features e.g. shops, harbours and physical features e.g. cliffs, beach. The children also enjoyed their local walk around Farsley. We were so impressed with how sensible the children were during our walk. All the children demonstrated a good understanding of road safety. The children had a map to follow and a checklist with key features to look out for. The children worked in small teams and luckily they all managed to follow the map and find their way back to school!

The children are enjoying our ‘Science Laboratories’. Experiment of the week in 1G is investigating ramps and in 1B the children are exploring floating and sinking.

All the children enjoyed some ‘wow’ science where we had fun putting mentos in diet coke! Can they remember why it exploded?

It’s nearly time for the S Factor science competition! Year 1 will be holding their class auditions on Wednesday 19th June. Please make sure that your child brings everything they need for their science experiment that day.

Our cheeky gingerbread man is still on his adventures around the world! This week he has sent postcards from Cape Verde, Luxembourg, Austria and Canada. Will he ever return to Farfield?

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 1 Team

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Welcome back to the last half term in Year 1!!

June 2, 2019 at 10:06 am

We have been busy planning another exciting half term. We have new role play areas  – ‘Science Labs!‘ We also have seaside areas and rock pools to explore.

In literacy we will begin with a week of reading, writing and performing poetry about summer and the seaside. We will then read Billy’s Bucket and the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch and look at settings. Our design and technology lessons are linked to literacy and we will be designing and making our own sandwiches and writing instructions about how to make them.

In maths we will continue to develop our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. We will also be doing lots of practical maths based on time and money.

We will be looking at lots of maps, globes and atlases in our geography lessons.  The children will also learn about human and physical features, aerial maps, keys and how to use a compass. They will also look at world maps and name the oceans and continents. Can your child already name any of them? 1G are going on a local walk around Farsley on Tuesday 4th June and 1B will be going on Wednesday 5th June. Please let us know if you can join us on our walk. 

We will be learning about Grace Darling in our history lessons. We will also be having a visit from the RNLI who will talk about their work and water safety.


Phew!! Another action packed half term in Year 1.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday. Mr Garlick is going on the Year 6 residential so Mr Sharp will be teaching 1G on Monday and Tuesday.

The Year 1 Team

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