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Billy’s Bucket and more fraction fun!

Friday 18th June | No comments yet


We have been reading the story ‘Billy’s Bucket’. The children had fun creating their own fantasy setting that was at the bottom of their bucket. They thought of some amazing places including fairgrounds, planets, magical castles and tropical islands. They then used adjectives to describe their setting.

In phonics we have revised split digraphs and a-e/ai/ay/ea/ee/e-e/ey. We have also been doing our final phonic screening check. The children have all tried really hard and we will share their results with you soon.


Last week we looked at finding a half of an object or a quantity. This week we are finding out about 1/4. Four equal parts make a whole.

Maths in action…


In history we have been looking at photos at the seaside. The children identified they were from a long time ago because they were black and white and because of what the people were wearing.

We looked at the activities we might do at the beach in the past and in the present time. The children did find that there are seaside activities that people did in the past, that we do now – sunbathing, swimming and building sandcastles.


This week we have learnt about the United Kingdom. The children have enjoyed learning facts about each country. Can they show you on a map where England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are? Can they remember the capital cities and describe the flags?

1GK at Rodley Nature Reserve

We had a fantastic time at the nature reserve. We had fun pond dipping and exploring the beautiful grounds. We spotted some amazing wildlife including sand martins, a heron and lots of damselflies. The children were all very enthusiastic and well behaved. Well done 1GK!

Science Fun!

Each week we will be introducing ‘Experiment of the week’ in our science labs. This week 1GK have been exploring ramps and 1B are investigating floating and sinking.

1B Bouncy Castle Fun!

Thanks to our golden ticket winner 1B had lots of bouncy castle fun on Tuesday.

PTA Mountain Challenge

We have now exceeded our 400 mile target! This week in Year 1 we have walked a combined total of 216 miles at school. Well done to everyone who has also added on to the totals at home.

Click here to add to the distance records: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdFOCbE08YQevtzL8lAt9A2xq9TI6oqnH9fLEfDFiYTP8yF0g/viewform?usp=sf_link

Thank you for all your support with the PTA Mountain Challenge – keep walking and raising lots of money.

Have a super weekend,

The Year 1 Team

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