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A busy week in Year 1

Friday 16th July | No comments yet

English and History

In English and history we have been learning about a real life saver. The children found a mystery suitcase with some clues inside and a boat! They wrote some great questions to try and find out who the suitcase belonged to and discovered it was Grace Darling. To find out more about this brave hero click here.

We have checked how many of the Year 1 key words the children can read and write. Many children could read and write them all – well done!


In maths this week we are continuing to learn about time. Looking at different units of time – second, minute, hour, day.

When comparing time we can use words such as first, earlier, slower, later, last, faster. For example:

We can also compare time on clocks, for example:

You could try a fun activity at home. Set a timer to accurately time how long it will take you to do different daily tasks. For example, how long would it take for you to:

  • Brush your teeth
  • Eat your lunch
  • Get dressed
  • Walk a lap of your local park

Can you record it using the best minutes of time – seconds, minutes or hours? Have fun!

Sports Day

The children had a super sports day and each hive gave 100% effort in all their races. It was lovely to see so many parents supporting this event – thank you.


Both 1B and 1GK spent time with their new Year 2 teacher on Thursday morning. 1GK will be taught by Mrs Lace and Mrs Loveridge will be teaching 1B. Mrs Wilson teaches in Year 2 on a Monday and Tuesday.

Mrs Lace
Mrs Loveridge
Mrs Wilson

The children will spend more time with their Year 2 teachers on Monday 19th July. They will have time to explore their new classrooms and get to know their teachers.

Enjoy the weekend and we will see you for the last three days of Year 1!!

The Year 1 Team

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