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A very busy week in Year 1!

February 15, 2019 at 4:25 pm


The highlight of our week was our amazing art gallery when the children exhibited their fabulous art work to the public. The children were very proud of their achievements and we hope you enjoyed the gallery. Thank you very much for all your kind donations – we raised £150!  This money will pay for some of the art resources and the rest will be put towards our animal workshop in the summer term.

We have had fun with shapes and art this week. The children were inspired by the art work of Gary Webb and Wassily Kandinsky and created 2D art work and 3D sculptures.

In literacy we have continued with our story writing. This week we used the art work of Raphael Perez to inspire us. The children used their imagination and fell into a painting again! They planned a problem and resolution and then wrote their own stories. We had children flying in hot air balloons, getting swallowed by whales and jumping off skyscrapers with parachutes!

In phonics we have revised all the phonemes learnt so far this year. We have sent home a game for you to play with your child – please keep practising reading all the real and alien words. We also used ‘Spelling Shed’ to help us spell the tricky words.

In our final dance lesson with Mrs Campbell we had fun visiting all the countries again. What great dancers we are in Year 1!

Thank you for all your support this half term – have a lovely holiday,

The Year 1 Team

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Fun falling into a painting!

February 8, 2019 at 4:34 pm


In literacy this week we have read the story ‘Katie’s Picture Show’. In this book Katie explores an art gallery and touches the paintings and falls into them and has lots of amazing adventures. We were very excited when we fell through a picture frame into a painting called ‘Winter’ by Zuzana Chalupova. This inspired us to plan and write a story with a problem and resolution. The children all tried hard and wrote some super stories.

In phonics we have focussed on ur/er/ir, oi/oy, ee/ea/ey and explored compound words. We have also enjoyed using a new programme called ‘Spelling Shed’ and had fun spelling our tricky words.

In our maths lessons we continued our addition work and focused on selecting the best method. The children are now confident using tens frames, part whole models and number lines to find their answers. Can they tell you with method they prefer? Now that we are addition experts we are moving onto subtraction!

We have been learning about algorithms in our computing lesson this week. The children rotated around different tasks. The first activity was to order a set of instructions for making toast and then follow them. They all enjoyed the end product! The children also met the Beebots and had lots of fun sending them on adventures around the classroom!

We have also been thinking about how to use the internet safely. The children have been talking about how they use the internet both in school and at home. On Tuesday it was UK Safer Internet Day  the children thought about how to keep themselves safe and decided that the most important thing is to ask a grown up if they are unsure or worried about anything online. The children were given examples of choices they may face online such as offers to pay for games, download new apps or talk to strangers and were very mature deciding on the most sensible actions to take. If you would like some more information on how you can support your child at home then please visit The UK Safer Internet Parents support website.

We have been busy artists this week and have been inspired by the work of Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock. We had fun creating our own art work. This will all be on display next Thursday from 2.30pm in our hall.

We danced to music from Africa in our PE lesson.

Have a great weekend,

The Year 1 Team

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A ‘real artist’ in Year 1!

February 1, 2019 at 2:07 pm


The highlight of the week was when a real artist came to work with us. What an amazing day we had! Kate Park taught us how to create our unique pieces of glass art work. First the children looked at artwork by the artist Pacita Abad and planned their designs. Then carefully, using tweezers, they placed the different types of glass onto their work. Can they remember what all the types looked like? Stringers, frits and confetti. Kate has taken the finished pieces home to fire in her kiln. The finished pieces will be on display in our art gallery on the 14th February.

For more information look at Kate’s website – www.twicefired.co.uk. A huge thank you to Kate Park – we all enjoyed the brilliant glass workshop.

We have read the story Katie and the Dinosaurs in our literacy lessons. Katie goes through a door which has a sign on it saying: ” Absolutely No Admittance Whatsoever”.

This story inspired us to use our imagination and create our own fantasy settings behind a door – we had alien moons, unicorn world, sweetie lands and lots more exciting places! The children drew and labelled their setting using some great ‘right choice’ words. Then they wrote about their lands using adjectives and conjunctions.

In phonics we have focused on air, ure, ar, or, aw, au. 

In maths we used our number bond knowledge to help us with our addition! We used lots of different equipment to split numbers up making them much easier to add. We have really enjoyed singing and dancing to The Number Bond Rock!

Can your child spot the mistake that Dexter has made here?-

We all enjoyed our dance lesson with Mrs Campbell. This week we danced to music from India.

In PSHE we have been thinking about roles and responsibilities. We began by doing a ‘Talk with your feet’ task. The children were shown a picture of someone doing a job e.g. tidying a bedroom and had to decide whose responsibility it was – parents, children, people who work at school or everyone. It led to some great discussions. We then wrote a class set of responsibilities which included tidying our classrooms, helping setting the table at home and saving the World!!

We enjoyed sharing our T Rex books with our Year 6 reading buddies. They were very impressed with them!

On Friday we were very excited to wake up to snow and we had a fabulous time in our outdoor area!

Have a super weekend,

The Year 1 Team

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Dinosaurs, dropping eggs and lots of art!

January 25, 2019 at 2:17 pm


We have done lots of practical addition this week. The children all enjoyed Mrs Lace teaching them for one of our lessons and had fun exploring tens frames.

In computing we were looking at different ways to create, store and retrieve information. We used Purple Mash to show which piece of art was the most popular in our class. The children are becoming very confident using the laptops!

The children were amazed to see a video of a Tyrannosaurus Rex in our playground!!! Now we know who messed up our classrooms. Watch the video if you dare!

We have all finished our T Rex information books and they are full of great facts. We are going to share them with our Year 6 buddies next week. In phonics we have focused on g says j, ea says e and silent k,w,g.

In our science lesson we got a letter from another dinosaur who needed our help. Tina Troodon has long legs and her eggs keep cracking when she lays them! We needed to investigate which material would make the best nest for her and protect her eggs. We spent time planning the investigation and making sure it was a fair test. The children especially enjoyed the egg dropping! We concluded that jelly, sand, cotton wool and bubble wrap would make the best nest.

In our art lessons we have been looking at the work of the artist Pacita Abad. Her beautiful pieces of art have inspired us all and the children are busy creating and painting their own canvases. They are also enjoying making delicate origami butterflies.

1G enjoyed their visit to Cartwright Hall and learnt a lot from the art experts. They looked at a variety of different art forms including sculptures, installations and paintings. They were inspired by an industrial scene by L.S Lowery, a swimming pool by David Hockney to name a couple. The children were stunningly behaved and the art experts were very impressed with their skills! They had a fantastic time exploring and creating their own art work. Thank you to all the parents who supported us on this trip – we hope you enjoyed it too.

We have been reading the story Elmer in our PHSE lesson. We talked about what makes us unique. The children thought about why they were special. “I am good at scoring goals” “I have a special family and I love them” “I am a ballerina” “I am special because I can jump very high”

We all had fun dancing in a carnival style to Brazilian music this week with Mrs Campbell. The children are all becoming more confident dancers and they look forward to this lesson each week.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 1 Team

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Watch out there are dinosaurs about!

January 18, 2019 at 3:40 pm


We have had a very exciting week – something had been in our classrooms and made a bit of a mess! We looked for clues and found giant footprints and a letter from a Tyrannosaurus Rex!! There were also lots of very interesting T Rex facts hidden around our rooms. Did you know they were as tall as a bus and its arms didn’t reach its mouth? We used chalk and a metre stick to draw lines on the playground so that we could see just how big a T Rex was!

This inspired us to write our own T Rex fact book that we are going to share with our Year 6 buddies next week. Miss Bray has set up a camera to try and film the dinosaur if it comes back to school  – watch this space…

In phonics we have focused on o-e, u-e and c says s. Please keep practising the real and nonsense words that are in your child’s reading record each week. In our guided reading lesson we worked on our comprehension skills. We retrieved information about dinosaurs and answered different style questions.

In maths we have been seeing how much we remember about the ‘teen’ numbers. Lots of people remembered how to split numbers into tens and ones, the names of these numbers and how to write them correctly and in order. Can your child practise this by playing Helicopter Rescue at home? We have also completed some end of unit assessments. These books required us to use lots of different maths skills and the children really enjoyed showing off how much they know!

We have begun our art topic and we have been ‘Art Gallery Managers’. We have learnt about different types of art including installation art, sculpture and collage. The children had to sort lots of different art into groups and decide upon their likes and dislikes.

1B visited Cartwright Hall and all enjoyed an ‘Art of Noticing’ workshop which was led by an art expert. The children were very well behaved and the art experts were very impressed with their skills! We had a fantastic time exploring and creating our own art work. Thank you to all the parents who supported us on this trip – we hope you enjoyed it too.

1G enjoyed their dance lesson with Mrs Campbell. This week we had fun doing some Russian style dancing!

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 1 Team

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A busy start to 2019!

January 11, 2019 at 4:03 pm


In English we have been exploring winter poems. We have read lots of poems and the children have written their own winter poems focusing on nouns, adjectives and verbs. They all used some super vocabulary in their poems – shimmering, fluffy, spiky, freezing. Some children were very confident and read their finished poem to the class.

We have learnt about split digraphs in our phonics. We have been reading and writing words with a-e, e-e and i-e in them. Please practise reading the digraphs and words that we have put in their reading record. We have all been reading non-fiction books in our guided reading session.

In maths we have done lots of practical activities based on place value. The children are becoming more confident using language such as ‘greater’ ‘fewer’ ‘more than’ ‘equals’ etc…

We have been thinking scientifically during our science lessons. We carried out an investigation using ice. The children had to decide where the ice would melt the quickest – inside or outside? And if a jacket around the ice would keep it from melting? This is the picture we used to stimulate our investigation. The children helped plan the investigation and made sure it was a fair test.


The children were amazed by the results as lots of their predictions were incorrect. Can your child explain what happened? Yes, the coat acted as an insulator and insulators keep cold things cold and hot things hot. So don’t forget to wrap your snowman in a jacket if it snows!

We all enjoyed our first dance lesson with Olivia. We had fun doing some Scottish dancing!

Have a super weekend.

The Year 1 Team

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